Rumor Rows Her Boat

by on August 23, 2010

This is a picture of Rumor, one of my mom’s doberman’s taking her boat for a spin around the pool. Rumor’s picture  was a finalist in a contest. We didn’t win but we came close. I’m from Chicago, there is always next time. . .!

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Marcie’s Doberman Diva’s


Michele Burrows

Look at her big smile! What a great picture!

Michele 😉

Rick Lewis

No photoshop? You actually got her in this boat? And she even seems like she is enjoying it! Amazing.


Katybeth Jensen

No photoshop. Rumor is a pretty good sport. I like to think she was enjoying it but Doberman’s traditionally aren’t not big on swimming. 8)

Annie Clark

I bet she can paddle this boat really fast. She sure looks happy..or is she just grinning and bearing it…waiting for the fish treat at the end of the road.

Kathy Jernigan

I cant imagine the winner then. You have such a wonderful life surrounded by all these cute dogs. Your moms dogs are so beautiful and happy looking. They also pose well for their pictures. Are you the Photographer KB?

Katybeth Jensen

I take the pictures, Kathy. Rumor is a cutie although she is not as good a sport as she once was…Trinket had to step up to the plate.


Joann Funtowitz

She didn’t win?? How is that possible?

Katybeth Jensen

We wonder the same thing Joann!! ❓

Karen Linton

All she need is a skipper hat and she will be ready for the high sea’s!

Mary Reynolds

What a cute picture. I love how happy she looks! 😀


Does she make a little motor boat sound as she toddles around the pool? and unless she can swim, I think she needs water wings…just to be on the safe side.

Very cute! 😀


You know I couldn’t figure out us not winning either! Sure, there were other cute photos. However, I want to know if any of those other Dobe people ever got their 7 month old puppy to sit in a float boat and go around in the swimming pool!!! Do you KNOW how hard it is to just get them in the darn boat? My daughter is a genius with animals and pictures.

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