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by on December 13, 2010

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”: I think I will send this song over to  The Call Me Jane’s blog—and hope that the reindeer run over her nasty neighbors this year! Or perhaps she can just stalk her neighbors and then roll down her window and play this song really really loud—it will stick in their heads for months. Of course, she will be wearing earplugs (insert evil laugh). I’m also going to share it with Cynthia over at her Young Living blog. Why? Because I love her.

Twisted Sisters – “Heavy Metal Christmas”: Oh please, spare me…but I have a feeling these fellow bloggers will like it:
Kitchen Witch: Her kid bit Santa.
Blurt: He sends action figures on trips and spreads evil rumors about John Denver.
Hippie Catcher and Wendy-Herding cats in Hammond river, who are all twisted up by Mercury being in Retrograde.

“The Chicken Are in the Chimes”: This song is for Simple Diane who just posted some heartwarming Christmas Cheer and who joined me in honoring Grandma’s memory. Most days, Merrilymarylee’s is more worried about squirrels than she is about chickens but I think she will understand the conductor’s frustration in this song. Shannon over at Daisy dreams hopes to add a chick to her pear tree some day soon and her December birthday is right around the corner, so I will send her an early birthday song.

“Grown Up Christmas List”: This Christmas song is for us all; wherever our Christmas spirit may take us. I chose Barbra Steisand’s version of this song. Why? Because its my blog and you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

I hope you will carol your way through a few of the blogs I have posted links to….I promise you will be delighted and amused.

Do tell, what is some of your favorite Christmas music?

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

★~♥~♥~★~ ♥~★~★~♥ ~


This post would not have been possible without musical suggestions from my facebook friends Thomas and Stan.



Thank you ma’am.

Boy am I glad I fact checked myself on that rumor. That would have gotten ugly.

The action figure will be by to see you!
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Katybeth Jensen

Hey–I could started the rumor you liked Truckstop Oysters! I should double check my spelling a little more often!

Thanks for stopping by!

Gin Tymes

I had never heard The Chicken are in the Chimes. Fun. I’m glad you chose Barbra S. version of a grow-up Christmas–Its the best one!


Katybeth Jensen

Thank you! I thought so too. Glad Odd could introduce you to the Chicken are in the Chimes!

Kelli Sullivan

Thanks for sharing music (most of it anyway) and links. You follow a blogger whose kid bit Santa? I’m intrigued. 😀

Katybeth Jensen

I do. Go visit her and find out more :-D. Are you saying you don’t like some of my music choices? How could that be??

Cari Vien

Thanks for filling my google reader with a few links. Sounds like you read some fun and interesting blogs.

Now lets work on your Christmas music taste…No Reindeer, No twisted, No chickens. Grown Up Christmas List by Barbra-very nice.

I like a Little Drummer Boy, Do you See What I see..and yes Rudolph because it is fun to sing!


Katybeth Jensen

Thanks for dropping by Odd, Cari. I love most of the same songs you do!


Oh, this post made me laugh! And I needed that today. Thanks for the plug and thanks for fun music and thanks for pointing me in other directions in Blog World.

P.S. Favorite Christmas song – too many to mention. But I do love O, Holy Night.
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Katybeth Jensen

Always glad to bring a smile. 😀

O, Holy Night. Hard to think evil thoughts with that song as background music.


Jane’s neighbor needs to be eliminated, stat. Love that you have her back, girl.

Katybeth Jensen

Cole is think about becoming a career assassin with his grandmother. A grandson and grandmother business. Would your kid be interested? They could start with Jane’s neighborhood for practice. 😀


Love The Chicken are in the Chimes, Katybeth! Thanks for sharing with me and for the shout out. O’Holy Night (a capella version) by Martina McBride is one of my favorites. Hugs, Diane
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Katybeth Jensen

Not sure if I’ve heard that one by Martina–but I do love her music so I will have to listen. . .

Glad you liked the Chicken–Give me that Old fashion Christmas music—rum, pum, pum, pum,pum


Thanks for the song and the shout-out, Katybeth! Will have to wait until I’m home to hear it, since somebody swiped my earphones for my computer at the store! Mercury continues to mess up my month…

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Mary Lee

Are you saying I’m strictly for the birds, Katybeth? I loved your crazy song and thank you for thinking me worthy of Chickens in the Chimes. I could have done a lot worse!

You’re a dear!

(Did Grandma Fern enjoy her birthday? My computer has been “under repair” so long, I may have missed a post.)
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Katybeth Jensen

No–strictly for the squirrels! Glad you liked the silly song.
Grandma Fern had a wonderful birthday, Spent it having dinner and gambling at the local casino!

Always nice to see you Mary Lee.

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