Camp Run-A-Pup Posse

by on March 30, 2011


A  Camp-Run-A-Pup posse has been gathered. and is on the chase for Bad Dog Mandi Jones…the meanest, badest, pig rustler in the whole dam town.


Please leave the comment if you have any information of the whereabouts of Mandi Bad Dog Jones!

The evidence:

Wanted Mandi Bad Dog Jones

Rascal’s Pink Pig Stolen: We believe it was a yard-job.



Run Bad Dog Mandi RUN!!!

Katybeth Jensen

Oh sure side with the Mandi the bandit-o. Sure she is cute but very sneaky. 😀


I agree with Sheila…Run, Mandi, Run…Run like the wind!

P.S. Love the music:)
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Katybeth Jensen

Does anyone care that this is a wanted pig rustler? What about the victim. Poor Rascal. Alone and lost without her pink piggy–now that is sad. 😥


Can we offer a trade? One pink pig for one rubber chicken? Or what if the pig is returned–no questions are asked?
Is Rascal willing to negotiate?

Katybeth Jensen

Trade? You are asking me if I can talk a terrier into a trade? This will take some thought. A lot of thought.

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