Rascal Circus Costume

by on March 21, 2011

Teach Rascal a trick and she is going to want a costume to go with it…it’s just the kind of pup she is…


I think this is my best side, don’t you?


This is my “gaze off into the distance look….”


That was my final answer.


Debbie Long

OMG she is adorable. I can not believe how she just poses for you so perfectly.



That is not a real dog–its a stuffed dog, you can not full me! It’s much to perfect–a real dog would have ripped that tutu to shreds.



How adorable!!!! My dog won’t pose for me! Hmm.. maybe that’ll be my project! 🙂
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Nancy Leahy

I hate to repeat myself but you should put these on note cards and sell them. Adorable! Nothing makes me laugh like a pup in costume. Why I do not know?


I absolutely adore that Rascal and you too! Thanks for the smile:)

Katybeth Jensen

Well thank you Diane…we are awfully glad you stopped by to admire us! Drop by any old time!


The pup is adorable and the photographer amazing.

Katybeth Jensen

Thanks MMJ.



Oh my. Rascal is adorable and I agree, the photographer is amazing. I love your photos. Watch out Hollywood, their’s a new pup in town!

Katybeth Jensen

Thanks Joann–she can only go if her mom goes–

Carol Smith

What a precious pup you have…That face is sooo kissable. I agree with Nancy.. You should get someone to print up cards with your Photogenic pup/pups. I certainly would buy them. Love doggie cards and that Rascal has stolen my heart…. Don’t tell Miss Millie though. 😉

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