Rascal Royally Dresses Up

by on April 29, 2011

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Rascal decided to dress up—you knew she would right? Rascal loves to be a part of everything. I like that about her . . . she especially liked this dress and hat. It has a matching sweater, but since it was a rather warm day, she opted out of wearing it. Her dress is from the designer Tegrat, and her hat-veil is hand beaded and was given to her by the designer house of Marcie.



O! M!! G!!!!!! Could she be any more adorable! I Love Her!!! The house of Marcie does exquisite work too!!!

Katybeth Jensen

She does do good work! Thanks Dona–I love that she likes to play dress up with me. I never really outgrew Barbie dolls.

Nancy Leahy

Too cute! I love her outfit. I must save this picture in case I am ever down in the dumps! This would do it for me.

Katybeth Jensen

She thought about wearing her tiara–but well since this is a low key wedding when it comes to Bling she decided it might not be in the best of taste.

Mary Lee

Quite sophisticated.

Not to much bling for the occasion.
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Katybeth Jensen

I loved road kill! Yes the wedding is a little light on bling–perhaps showing sensitivity to the common people pocket books?

Trudy Murrmann

Not only does Rascal look stunning, but this is a dress she can wear again!

Katybeth Jensen

Well we had that in mind when we were looking for the perfect address for the occasion.


Carol Smith

That Rascal really has fashion flare doesn’t she? She looks so prim and proper…Everything a royal pooch should be. I love this dog! She is precious.

Katybeth Jensen

Thanks Carol–She certainly thinks of herself as the Queen Bee around here! And God help anyone who doubts her she is a fair but not especially benevolent ruler.


Rascal, you are the epitome of beauty and class. You deserved an invitation to the Royal Wedding, you would have fitted right in.

Katybeth Jensen

Dear Antoinette-
Obviously we need to get to know one another better….since you have such insight into my personality and inner being. . .



O my goodness! This is too funny! Glad you had so much fun with the Wedding!

Katybeth Jensen

We did have FUN!

Thanks for dropping by Odd.

marcie Jensen

Rascal looks so, I don’t know, right for the occassion. Just the right amount of fashion wihtout going over the top. Perfect for the big day.

Katybeth Jensen

I thought she achieve a good look and of-course the hat from her Grandmother was of-course the piste de la resistance!



oh, my…..Rascal is too cute ..love the outfit !! my Rosey has a beaded, ribbon collar in red just like hers…so lovely …..

Katybeth Jensen

Our Glamour girls really should have been invited to the wedding–don’t you think? With their owners naturally!

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