~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ April 19th, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote: “To dream that you are eating garlic denotes that you will discover hidden secrets and meet with some domestic jar. To dream that there is garlic in the house is lucky.” Richard Folkard in ‘Plant Lore’ (1884) ★~ Garlic Day: Native to central Asia, garlic has […]


~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 18, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote:   The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.~ e. e. cummings ★~ Animal Cracker Day: Lions and tigers, and bears and elephants… OH MY! Who doesn’t love the crunch and sweetness of an animal cracker? Animal-shaped crackers were first brought to the United States during the […]


~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ April 17, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote: “Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things” – Ray Bradbury ★~  National High Five Day:  Nobody knows who invented the high five. NBA player Derek Smith claimed that […]


Stress Awareness Day, Librarian Day, Eggs Benedict Day

April 16, 2014

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 16, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote:  The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James ★~ Stress Awareness Day:  The real problem with stress is that, for such a well understood and universally experienced condition, as a society we deal with it so […]

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Lunar Eclipse, Rubber Eraser Day, Wild Guess Day, Spiral Ham Day

April 15, 2014

★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 15, 2014 Luna Eclipse: April 15, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote:  “We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…”  ― John Lennon ★~ Rubber Eraser Day: Without the invention of the rubber eraser, our faux pas would not […]

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Passover, Laughter Day, Reach High Day, Pecan Pie Day

April 14, 2014

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 14, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote: Blessed are the joymakers. ~ N. P. Willis ★~ Passover: Passover is an eight-day Jewish festival that celebrates the emancipation of the Israelites. Jewish families usually celebrate Passover on the first two nights of the holiday. They hold seders to retell the story of the Israelites’ […]

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Wine Shoe Hack – Does it Work?

April 13, 2014

Wine Shoe Hack – Does it Work? My teen asked if we could have wine with our pork chops tonight—red, of course. I said yes, if he could open the wine bottle with his shoe. Why?  A lesson in self-sufficiency:  Let’s just say that my teen was stranded in the desert, dying of thirst, and […]

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Scrabble Day, Peach Cobbler Day, Odds and Ends

April 13, 2014

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 13, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote: Palindrome as well. My sister’s name is Hannah. Father liked word games. He was fourteen times World Scrabble Champion. When he died, we buried him at Queenzieburn to make use of the triple word score. ~Jasper Fforde ★~ Scrabble Day: The official game of rainy […]

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National Pet Day, Barbershop Quartet Day, 8-Track Cassette Tape Day, Cheese Fondue Day

April 11, 2014

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 11, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote:  “It is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don’t like something, it is empirically not good. I don’t like Chinese food, but I don’t write articles trying to prove it doesn’t exist.” ― Tina Fey, Bossypants ★~ National Pet Day: Did you […]

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National Sibling Day, Cinnamon Bun Day

April 10, 2014

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~ April 10, 2014 ★~ Today’s Quote: “Forgiveness is giving up all hope of having had a better past.”  ― Anne Lamott ★~ National Sibling Day: Today is the day for a Sibling Shout Out. Insist that while you will always be Mom’s favorite, you’re really glad that your wish that they […]

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