Thumbthing (Really!)

Facebook is a provoking odd product because it begs you to wonder, what was the inventor thinking? In order to “invent” a product one assumes you would have a need or see a need of some sort; even an assumed ridiculous need. For instance the Apple Dish solves the dilemma of where to esthetically place your apple core. Poop Freeze may have been invented by someone with the desire to pick up poop in a more solid manner, desperation for a new toy for the kid who has everything perhaps prompted some one to invent Spin the bottle, but what motivated the inventor to create Thumbthing? And for heavens sake who named it Thumbthing? Was the prototype perhaps a gift and when opened the perplexed recipient wondered rudely what is the DUMB-THING?? AHHA the Thumb replaced DUMB and a paten was born. Fascinating, stuff.

Here is how Thumbthing works; Instead of bending your thumb so that the knuckle rests on the right-hand page and the tip of your thumb rests on the left-hand page (or vice versa if you’re left handed), now you just stick the Thumbthing on your thumb and it does the tedious work for you! Anyone else thinking Daffy Duck would be the perfect spokes-duck for this product? No? Just me?)

The designers share with us what they  think is so COOL about Thumbthing. There is nothing else like it, it is beautifully designed, and it is so simple to use. It fits neatly onto your THUMB like a ring and does not clip onto the book at all! This means turning the page is as simple as ever. And of course it makes reading more comfortable and much much cooler! Read in bed, on the beach, in the car everyone should have one! (Was Daffy Duck inspired by Dr. Seuss…just more mussing…)

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