Food Blessing, Our National Health Care Plan

Food Blessing  Click here:l offers us a National Health Care Plan

My cat, Kefir, is the most polite cat in the world, even according to a dear friend who isn’t fooled by pretense.  Kefir said, “Rachel? You know how you bless your food?  Well, do mine.”  Not in so many words, but I heard her.  She was reaching toward the countertop, paws extended so long!  It seemed like the kind of cat behavior that I should not condone, but as a yoga teacher, I find it impossible to disturb Kefir when she’s stretching.  In fact, I envy her stretches.

But I digress. I got the message from Kefir, and after I blessed her food, I thought, “Surely I’m Katybeth’s oddest friend!”  And in that moment, I could not have asked for anything more.  I felt complete.  Odd, I realize, to bask in such a dubious moment.  But not so odd, considering I’ve wanted to write an “Odd” piece for Katybeth, and here, finally, was my topic!

I propose that food blessing be included as part of our national health care plan.  What if we went back to saying grace before meals?  It wouldn’t have to be the one you grew up with, unless you could say it with renewed zeal.  I would imagine that our health care costs would plummet, and isn’t that what everyone wants?  Are we willing to spend one minute a night blessing our food?  Are we willing to spend one minute realizing it’s a miracle that you put a seed in the ground and it bears fruit (or veggie, or pop tarts, whatever)?

We are blessed to be living in a time and place where food is almost ludicrously plentiful.  Our food makes our body – literally.  It creates our health.  Why not legislate it?  Everything else is getting legislated, and this one costs nothing!  My experience is that it works. I am happy and healthy and grateful.

So, set me up on Katybeth’s shelf of collectible oddities.  I am happy to live on the edge of oddness for all to see.



Rachel is probably the one friend I have who surprises me the most, and most often. Our only children have been only children together for the last 12 years at the Facebook

Rachel, Lily and Kefir (note to Lily–I put you BEFORE Kefir!) what you are is special. Thank you. Here is my contribution to what I hope will be one of the many blessings contributed to our overall Health Care Plan.

Divine Energy:
From forest and stream,
from mountain and fields,
from the fertile Earth’s nourishing yields,
I now partake of the Divine Energy;
may it lend me health, strength, and love.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Click here:or Twitter!


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9 thoughts on “Food Blessing, Our National Health Care Plan

  1. Oh, I enjoyed that so much! Cats and Food! (who could ask for anything more) And the continuing lessons of gratitude.
    I remember Deepak Chopra saying something recently in the press that our work on National Health Care is less about the legislative process and more about how each of us takes care of ourselves.
    My favorite blessing? It’s very simple: Thank You. . . (how odd is that?)

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