Tip for Shedding Pets

Animals shed, have you noticed? Here a hair, there a hair, everywhere a hair, hair.

Of course we love our hairy friends, but we might not like the hair left behind (or on our behinds) quite as much. Have no fear, Odd is here with this handy tip to help solve hairy problems.

The next time you are buying groceries, add a pair of rubber gloves to your cart.  Race home, put away the groceries, slip on your rubber gloves, and get frisky with your sofa and car interior. After a good rub down, the hair will lift right off and stick to the gloves.

When your gloves resemble Godzilla paws, it’s time to submerge your hands in water and let the hair unstick and float to top of the water, where it can be easily gathered and tossed.  For those Odd friends who love to recycle, gather the hair off the gloves, save it in a lovely wicker basket until you have enough, and then knit it into coats and sweaters! Click here to find out more!

If you wish to collect hair in a variety of colors and textures for knitting projects, please contact me immediately. I can help!

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