A Break Is Great!

I Need a Break!

Do you find it “Odd” that forgiveness is plentiful, but getting a break takes an act of God?

Recently, as I was juggling campers, kids, household stuff, paperwork, and car repairs, I wondered if I would be asked to leap tall buildings, too. Facebook friends commented back, ”Yep, in a single bound, wearing heels, dressed in Chico.”

My inbox is filled, my voicemail runneth over, and my Halloween decorations are still waiting to be put away. A window leading into my basement is broken and having it fixed has been a trial of phone calls and no-shows. I have nightmares about the mice marching two by two through the window into the basement wine cellar, carrying bread, cheese and a little tiny cork screw. Does this sound at all like your house?

We deserve a break today. Not the kind where you get away, (we all know what a mammoth task it is to get away) but a hearty, pat-on-the-back kind of break from a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, the carpenter, or just from one human being to another.

This past a week, I arrived for coffee about ten minutes late for an appointment with an acquaintance. I smiled and said, “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” and was greeted with, “Not a problem, I FORGIVE YOU.” I wanted to say, skip forgiveness – how about a break? GIVE ME A BREAK. (Actually, I wanted to add one more word, but my mother reads this blog so you will have to use your imagination.)

We once had a lovely camper who somehow managed to go under our fence and eat our neighbor’s pet bunny that was sunning itself in THEIR yard. The bunny was wearing a leash tied to a garden post – which Joe was quick to point out made it an easy hit. I, on the other hand, asked for forgiveness. Actually, I begged for forgiveness and offered money.

My point? When your pup eats the neighbor’s pet bunny? Forgiveness. When someone is ten minutes late? A break. When someone doesn’t return a phone call or write a thank you note? A break. When a driver moves over into your lane even when you are in a big hurry? A break. When the carpenter does not show up for the third time to fix your basement window, keeping you and the mice waiting with hope?

Forgiveness.Forgiveness may be divine but giving a break is GREAT! Ok, I’m not a poet, but you get my point, right?

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


5 thoughts on “A Break Is Great!

  1. KTBJR-

    Remember the sage words of my mother;
    “F _ _ _ ’em!”

    Of course we all know my mother would NEVER say anything that vulgar, so I must be joking, but she has certainly expressed that very sentiment if not that exact phrase to me on more than one occasion. You know me, whatever my mother says, no matter the peril or trepidation, I’m off like a shot to obey her wise advice. And so, let me be the first to recommend that the break you are looking for come from you first, by which I mean give yourself a break. Secondly, those who don’t seem to want to give breaks out; well, they should return to the afforementioned phrase just a few lines above. Lastly, mice would never come into your house with tiny corkscrews. The would just eat the cork as an appetizer. (God, my spelling is bad, isn’t it?) Anyway, I hope you get a chance to relax before I read about you snapping and kidnapping a window repairman and forcing him to begin repairs at gun point. On the other hand, that might not be the worst idea . . .

    Also, here are a few rhymes for you:
    It’s divine to forgive,
    and live and let live.

    To forgive is divine,
    a break’s sweet as wine.
    So every now and again,
    be divine to a friend.

    I need a break, a break, just a little human kindness.
    It should be pretty common, but instead of more I find less!
    Let’s not forget to do unto others,
    that’s the just lesson we learned from our Mothers!

    The bunny had it coming, sunning topless out there.
    I mean, my goodness, I could see eight nipples if I dare
    to look just a minute. What a little whore rabbit!
    The dog was doing it’s right wing thing, dagnabbit~
    So let that be a warning to you provocative bunnies-
    You cute little hiney needs covering honey.
    And remember, remember, as soon you will see,
    nobody buys the cow, when they get the milk free.
    Who Will Judge Dogs?

    Okay, maybe the rabbit didn’t have it coming, but it was a whore!
    Well, that’s what I heard . . .

    Love, Love,

  2. Okay, it is now official. Craig got all of the brains and talent in the family. He is SO clever and he usually makes me laugh . . . as long as he is not making fun of me!

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