Thank Full! For You!

Thank Full!! For You!!

Mom who sends her coffee cakes, Dad who ships deer antlers, cousins who cook cookies, cousins who are odd, aunties who send reading lists, Cole who makes me laugh.

My mom and dad most of all.

Everything GOLD, Alexis who minds my spelling, Rachel who likes zombies and to text at lights, Cynthia who twitters over coffee, Waldorf kids because they are pure delight.

Ms. Moskowitz who “hears” Cole talk about his dad and  has always been a fan.

Annilise who is forever-after, Karen who gets it more often than not, and yes Judy, your lovely smirk! Daina who never fails to make me laugh, Carol who always knows the date, Cynthia who brings the wine and lets me whine, and Megan who planned us to and fro Italy – twice. Milton who filled out all the forms and never went cross-eyed at my lack of financial expertise.


David who misses Joe out loud, Joni for keeping our best interest close at heart, Ricky for bringing me HOME, and Richard for pulling memorials out of garages.

Ruscittis, we are thankful for One and ALL!

Friends – reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, Waldorf friends and every single one of my furry friends and their people. T-shirt quilts to curl up under, a roof over our car, Rice Krispie Treats on our doorstep, a freezer full of lovely meals, stories shared by Julianne about Northwest Siders. All those friends who roar, “THIS REALLY SUCKS!”

Facebook friends, El Morno, noon and late at night.

My thanks are falling short of full, but my blog post is overflowing, so here is my final thankful and the one I carry close to my heart.

Thank YOU!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!



8 thoughts on “Thank Full! For You!

  1. Thanks for being that friend with the big ideas, big dreams, and big smile who somehow also manages to keep it real.

    Happy Thanksgiving day to you and Cole xo

  2. Gratitude for all we had, all we have, the future and beyond. Always keeping Joe in my heart . . . his laugh, smile and hugs were golden.

  3. Warm Thanksgiving blessings to you – I am thankful we have reconnected and for all the laughs you provide on facebook!

  4. Thanks for being the friend who keeps putting one foot in front of the other no matter what. we don’t have to be ballet dancers, just keep moving forward.

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