Cupcake Plot Succeeds

Cupcake Culprits!  # 6 is missing for a reason

There is a cupcake shop at the mall where I went to pick up my Mac from the Apple store. I decided to stop in and pick up two chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles – a nice treat for Cole and me on the way home from school.

I entered the store and was greeted by three smiling women at the counter and a vast array of cupcakes. After oohing and aahing, I picked out two chocolate cupcakes. So far so good.

As I reached for my wallet, the woman behind the counter smiled at me and said, “We are running a special. If you buy five cupcakes, the sixth one is free!” Crap. Now, I was in trouble with a capital T.  When I walked in the store, the cupcake ladies had been talking about how slow the cupcake business had been.  My oohing and aahing now turned into pity for all those poor unsold cupcakes, perhaps doomed for the mall trash bins. Each colorful sprinkle now looked like a cupcake tear. All the cupcakes seemed to be screaming, “Take me! Take me!”  FINE!  I took the special. The cupcake lady gave me satisfied smile. She could spot a cupcake sucker from a mile away.

Six cupcakes were put in a box, and the cupcake lady totaled my bill, “$14.00, please.”  UH?  I swear, I could hear those cupcakes snickering in the box. Cupcake Caper masterminded and accomplished.

I left the store with six cupcakes chuckling together in their bakery box. I wanted to step on them, but they knew down to their last crumb I wouldn’t. Cupcakes just know. I wanted real cupcake revenge, but the best I could do was to grab one out of the box and eat it, frosting first, in the mall parking lot, followed by a big gulp of coke.  No milk for that cupcake. Some revenge is better than no revenge, I thought as I felt the other cupcakes shudder just a bit.

I drove home, in my heart, I knew these kinds of things just never happen to some people.

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6 thoughts on “Cupcake Plot Succeeds

  1. This was too close for comfort! I do this ALL the time! But, $14.00 for cupcakes and they wonder why business is slow?
    On a different note, they do look yummy. Focus Joann…

  2. Dam straight I could make a lot of cupcakes for $14.00. This reminds me of the time my daughter boasted at work she could make a 1000 cupcakes. Several people bet her she couldn’t. She came running in saying, Mom, WE have to make a 1000 cupcakes! Katybeth, would you llike to finish this story???

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