Fly Art! Time Flies!

Fly Art! I saw these pictures and thought–WOW! Here is an Odd way to amuse yourself on a slow day.

Directions to for creating your own Fly Art creations:

  • Swat a few flies.
  • Let them dry for one hour.
  • Grab a pencil and let your imagination take off!

Oh sure you are thinking…I am spending way to much time talking to Joe and I really should get out more but while this is crossing your mind you are giggling right? And knowing you, I bet you are wondering where you can find flies in Chicago in the winter so you can create your own fly art! (Hint, Butera grocery store always has a nice supply). Gotta run…cause well, time flies!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


Photos credit:  Curious Photos

16 thoughts on “Fly Art! Time Flies!

  1. Sorry to disappoint you Cynthia but alas I did not draw the pictures. I did come up with idea of creating some fly art of your own on a slow day. Sharing and offering is the extent of my creativity! And I did start to wonder—what would cock roach art look like?

  2. Hi KB,

    I almost went to get my fly swatter. This proves that art comes in many forms.

    Thanks for the thought,

  3. i am laughing out loud right now! (in internet parlance, “LOL,” right?)


    p.s. where exactly AM i, though? (seriously!)

  4. OK, I really did laugh! I guess the creative genius can’t be denied when in motion, no matter what the material. I’m going to give this serious thought this summer when I have to put a fly trap on the patio……

    • When we go to the Reunion in Ocala during the month of June we could present some fly art for the gift drawings. I think that they would be a hit. What do you think everyone would say? 💡

  5. Carter and I are laughing out loud – PLEASE resist the cockroach art. Flies, well eeww, but the cats catch them anyway, so perhaps we can put them to good use.

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