Groupon…Save the World

Grouponing to Save the World. I think its possible…

Groupon! Goupie! Grouponer! Grouponey! Grouponing! Grouponed!  Is it Odd that I just love to shout out GROUPON, every once in a while?  Well, it may be a little Odd, but keep reading and share some Groupon love with me. Odd loves company, you know.

I guess one might say I’m a Groupon Fan, devotee, true believer, Amen and Hallelujah. Say it together with me now – GROUPON!!!!  Now really, don’t you just feel better?

What’s not to love?  I have bought and used Groupons with absolute success, and I have saved money. Here are a few of the marvelous things I have Grouponed at half price or better: Deleece restaurant, Bistro 110, Introduction to Photography at Chicago Photography Center, $20.00 Mani/Pedi at Jaku, six-hour language class, ScanDigital,  Aslil Chi Salon & Spa, a room at the InterContinental Chicago on Magnificent Mile, Whirly Ball for up to 5 players, open play for Paintball, 1 dozen gourmet cupcakes, bagels at Chicago Bagel Authority, and dinner at Palette Bistro.

Businesses welcome the Groupons with a big smile and good service.  Groupon customer service is great!  They answer e-mail concerns speedy quick. The one time I made a mistake they resolved the problem and I ended up feeling like it must have really been their mistake.  The FYI’s for each deal are very clear and if you have a question about the deal of the day, it is answered promptly.

Here is where you can study Groupon 101: or click here to visit the Groupon home page.  I’m not associated with Groupon in any way. I just love to promote great service and great services.

Grouponing makes people happy (especially ME) and it’s fun. I put happy and fun right up there with solving world problems. When you Groupon, you save and spend money.  This, of course, helps our economy!  Speaking of happy, fun, world peace, and the economy, when you Groupon, you join other Groupies, share Groupons with your friends, and all of this promotes community! Strong communities, strong families, strong cities, strong states, solid economy , world peace-Groupon and save the WORLD.

Just one small warning … Groupon can become addicting, so please Groupon responsibly!

All together now … GROUPON!!!!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


6 thoughts on “Groupon…Save the World

  1. I look forward to my Groupon each morning–Its great to have some on hand when people come to visit! Thanks for promoting such a great service!


  2. They must have a 12 step program if we do get addicted…it would be irresponsible not to right?
    I sign up for the cities we are going on vacation to, and have saved a lot of money on eating out and even a few attractions.

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