Cole’s Birthday Cake-56 Eggs, 8lbs of Butter

Cole’s Birthday Cake

The guests at Cole’s birthday party who asked me if I made his fabulous birthday cake are now my best friends.  Although I did not make the birthday cake, a few special people recognized me as a potential future birthday cake maker. This is one compelling reason to grow your friendships past the ones who know that you add buttercream to your grocery list. I don’t like those friends nearly as much anymore.

Cole’s  FABULOUS birthday cake was made by his Uncle Richard. Aunt Susan played her supporting role beautifully by lighting the birthday candles and cutting the cake to perfection.

Richard’s Walnut birthday cake included 56 eggs and 8 pounds of butter. What I want to know is how in the world did Richard keep count while he was adding the eggs! Cole and I had a hard time keeping track of the 6 eggs we added to his tart.

I would share the birthday cake recipe, but Richard created  the cake from scratch, he scratched his head, and made up the recipe.

Cole had his cake and ate it, too…What a great way to start his 14th year.

Cole and Aunt Susan conference about candles

Cole Making Birthday Wish (Probably wishing for a big piece of cake!)

Birthday Cake Goodness

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23 thoughts on “Cole’s Birthday Cake-56 Eggs, 8lbs of Butter

  1. That seems like an awfully small cake to hold such an enormous amount of eggs! Are you sure he didn’t keep losing count so maybe it took him 56 eggs but he only needed six for the cake.

  2. The cake just looked fantastic, and I am told it tasted as good as it looked.
    Nope, no way my daughter could have made this cake, however, if you ever want an electronic gadget explained to you, she can handle that. Ask her any question about any kind of phone, she’s good. She writes very well, but baking, simply isn’t her strong point. Never one time while she was growing up did she ask, Can I make cookies? Brownies? Candy? A cake? She instinctly knew, that’s what stores were for!!!

  3. Well, I did make empanadas once, do you remember Mother? Do you remember what happened, mother? The Great Dane, Santanna who ate ever last one of them off the counter? All of them. Every last crumb??

  4. I’ve never been to a 14th bday that had: a cotton candy machine; hot dogs; pop corn machine; martinis; gargantuan cake; balloons, and food at every turn. I confidently predict I will never enjoy another 14th bday like Cole’s. I saw the cake; ate the cake; drank with the baker; hugged, laughed and laughed some more with the other cake eaters, and cannot stop envisioning the baker’s kitchen.
    Amazing . . . wonderful . . . crazy . . . sensational. I can’t wait to see what 15 brings!

  5. Thanks Julie–It was extra special because you joined us and proved me wrong by showing Cole there was indeed a sock fairy. Next year, we will keep have enough change, to pay the ransom and free you so you can meet Cynthia!

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