Seattle Sundries Soaps-FUN!

Seattle Sundries Soaps are fun and just a little Odd in a special sort of way.

Each soap comes in its own little round tin and has an art label which is a mixture of vintage images specifically for each product. Anne, the Seattle soap maker, “enjoys making soaps that not only spark imagination and conversation, but put a smile on your face while they do it.” Having a conversation about the soap you use could be Odd.  When I wanted to talk about my new tins of soap with my fourteen-year-old, he looked at me like I was, in fact, Odd.  Maybe this is more the kind of excitement you share with a girlfriend or mom.

All the soap ingredients are natural with no synthetic fragrances or dyes. Instead of using fragrance, each soap is made using only pure essential oils and natural colorants.  Nope, My Odd Family has not been hijacked.  In fact, I am drinking a coke and eating M&M’s as I type this. My clothes are in the washer being scrubbed clean with Tide detergent, soon to be in the dryer with their best friend, the Bounce sheet.  Maybe it’s Odd for me, but I still like and appreciate these all-natural soaps, so there.

What I like best about Anne’s soaps is they are FUN!

The tin – Fun!

The round shape – Fun!

The labels – Fun!

The enclosed explanatory note – Fun!

The soaps themselves are fun: Bitchin Kitchen Soap contains borax, ground espresso beans to give it texture, and cinnamon essential oils to clean garlic odor from hands. Really, could you want much more?  Buck Naked describes itself.  There is nothing added to this soap.  It’s just buck naked, plain and simple. Haute Goat Soap celebrates the noble goat and is made with a generous portion of fresh goat’s milk. It’s lathery, creamy, mild, and best of all, luxurious.  Gender Neutral Soap – Not quite sure what soap category you fit into? This might be the soap for you.

Although I have never met Anne, the Seattle Soap Maker, I like her. Her website made me smile and I bought several tins of her soap. The soap was delivered promptly and it out-delivered my expectations.   Now I can point to my fun tins of soap, smile smugly and say, “Oh, of course, it’s all natural, environmentally responsible, handcrafted, and TA DA, certified Roundtable for Sustainable Palm soap.”  Wow, that was REALLY FUN!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


20 thoughts on “Seattle Sundries Soaps-FUN!

  1. This soap is the best. I keep a few on hand for last minute gifts but I don’t think anyone I have ever given one to has ever felt last minute!


  2. I absolutely love, love, love this soap. It smells so nice and is so gentle on the skin. My “winter skin” really appreciates it!

  3. I got my soap and didn’t even realize there was a clever explanatory insert because as soon as I opened the tin the soap smelled so great that I immediately chucked the wrapping and jumped in the shower to test it out. I love, love, love it. Quite possible one of my favorite gifts. It was unexpected, pretty, useful and smells fabulous!

  4. Carla! Carla! Carla….you missed the clever explanatory insert? Well, I guess you knew what you were doing…So glad you are squeaky clean and smelling fabulous and I bet Bob is too!!

    Thanks for dropping by Odd! OX

  5. I loved the soap and the tin! For several years now I have enjoyed using “special” soaps and have enjoyed sharing them as gifts. Thanks for intorducing me to this soap! Also thank you for thinking of me!!!!!

  6. I just received the Rejuvenation soap as the most delightful gift, and I LOVE it! Every time I step into my bathroom, the smell makes me feel so happy. I so appreciate the care Anne puts into her soaps to make them natural, earth-friendly and delightful! I just bought more. It’s a splurge I’m willing to make at a time when I’m not making ANY splurges. Thanks for turning me on to them, Katybeth!

  7. I knew the second I saw them on PW’s blog I was going to order a few for gifts. When they arrived inside the packaging were 2 samples along with my tins. I love the way they smell so yummy good enough to eat. I can’t wait for my sister’s birthday to make her a basket with all kinds of goodies and Seattle Sundries soap. As Martha would say”it’s a good thing”
    Lynnwood WA

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