Spring Blooms Wistful

spring is blooming wistful in my life right now.

I want to smell the barbeque grill and hear the martini shaker clinking against a glass. I want to visit with Joe over guacamole and chips while Cole bounces on the trampoline and our campers roam the yard. Joe and I would be arguing about landscaping and summer household projects. Our spring plans would be discussed, argued and negotiated, but seldom accomplished.

Cole and I went out to dinner this week and we started to talk about this time last year.

Last spring, we were a family of three, planning for the end of the school year – a trip to Italy. I was antsy, making lists and checking them twice. I wanted to make sure our house was in order when my mom and aunt arrived to pup-sit for us while we were in Italy. Joe promised to work on my to-do list “tomorrow” just to shut me up today. The days flew by; my list languishing while hope sprung eternal.

The auction I had worked on for the last year was over, and I was trying to restore rhythm and routine to our family life before summer arrived and whisked them away again. Our biggest concern was my passport paperwork, which kept getting sent back for revisions. Joe teased me about my Roswell, New Mexico roots. He promised to “visit me” when they came to take me away.

One April evening, Joe and I were enjoying cocktails on the patio. He was sipping from a salt rimmed glass and I was enjoying an iced coke. Casually, Joe mentioned he was considering auditioning for a porn film. The audition called for mature actors. “Really?” I asked. Seeing he had my undivided attention, he went on to explain that the casting “lady” thought he would be perfect for the lead. Stirring his drink with his finger, he wondered if I thought it would hurt his future career to do a porn movie – never worrying about how it might affect our marriage. While I thought it was a little Odd that our marriage was not a concern, without missing a beat I asked, “How much does the gig pay?” It just seemed like the next logical question. Joe was the artist. I was the business manager. Idealist. Realist.

Last April everything was ordinary. What is Odd is that Joe only had two months to live.



About the porn flick…

Yeah … you’re wondering how Joey could not have gotten the part?

No. I’m wondering how the lady in casting knew you would be perfect for the lead role??


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  3. Hummmm. What DOES 👿 it pay?? I have a husband. Times are getting tough. Gas is going higher. Sooo…… (another sweet story)

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