Works Toilet Bowl Bomb

Works Toilet Bowl Bomb Amusing Kids 101

The Chicago Waldorf School (CWS) celebrates Spring Break this week. Odd, I know. However, Odd and The Chicago Waldorf School go together like chocolate and peanut butter, girl scouts and cookies, organic chocolate and tofu bars. If anyone at the school denies it, the code word is Eurhythmy.

There are advantages to having our Spring Break scheduled this way.

We have had three weeks of lighter traffic to and from school. The first week was lighter because the public school kids were off. The second week was lighter because the Catholic school kids were off, and this week is lighter because … well, we aren’t going.

The spring holidays were all treated equally. This meant, of course, that we all equally missed spending the holidays (Passover and Easter) with our extended families, if travel was involved. The advantage?  “The kids don’t have school off,” is always an acceptable excuse for not traveling to see family on the holidays.

If you have one kid at the Chicago Waldorf School and one kid at the public high school or the Catholic school, it’s a challenge, but at least you won’t have to negotiate who is going where at the same time during the same week.

Now a little bit about how we might spend our Oddly-timed Spring Break.

Most children who attend Waldorf school have (or are strongly encouraged to have) a very limited media/computer diet – especially in the lower grades. Cole did not watch any television (with the exception of some sports and never during the week) before the end of 6th grade. As a result, he learned to make bombs reading books. Really.  Harmless bombs. Mostly.

I believe if you let children blow things up at home, they are less likely to become terrorists out on the streets. Cole did his bombing with very little direction from me.  My bombing guidelines were simple:
Not in the house
Away from the neighbor’s house
Stand back.
Bomb-making can be spoiled by the helicopter parent. Oh wait … I did yell, “CLEAN UP or NEVER AGAIN!” which is just a standard, everyday direction in our home.

With Spring Break starting for CWS kids, and summer vacation just around the corner for everyone, Cole would like to share the basics of explosions so you and your child can share in the fun.

We dedicate Cole’s Explosive Series to The Chicago Waldorf School, who has taught him everything he knows – including the ability to always find something to do.

The first video is of Works Toilet Bowl Bomb. The directions are at the end of video, which was filmed and put together by Cole. If you need further help, leave a comment for Cole on Odd.

Odd Loves Company,

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