Wedding Day: Exceptional Love

Once again, we are blessed with the musings of Julianna Pierce on Odd. Wedding Day is funny, honest and loving, but what I like best about reading Julianna’s stories is that she invites you into a special place … her heart.

May 30 2010 – wedding day.

5 a.m. I’m wide-awake.  The house is a-buzz with the sound of deep sleepers. Not me, I’m in full gear – throw in a load of wash, brew a 30-cup pot of coffee, wash some floors (again), water flowers – well, you get the picture I’m wound up like a top.  Performing non-essential and nonsensical last minute “must do’s.”  I’m as discreet and quiet as a bull in a china shop.  The groom is zonked and I resist the urge to cradle him one last time.  As I wax sentimental about my beautiful blonde green eyed boy and the anticipation of the day’s events, I hear “You’re crazy woman, go to bed.”  I evidently woke the groom with my hushed chores – well, that’s an all clear for me to start singing “Going to the Chapel.”

Brian steals away to write a letter to “Bridge” – evidently he has become quite the romantic.  He hands his little brother/best man a gift bag of dazzling diamond studs, a handkerchief embroidered with “today I married my best friend” and an Irish sixpence.  He directs Conor to personally deliver it to the bride, wait for her response and report back.  Conor returns – “It’s all good she was crying when I left.”

Brian’s future BIL arrives and hands Brian a gift from Bridge.  The card would wait for a private moment – their words to each other are personal and heartfelt, but he’s speechless as he opens an exquisite watch.  All the groomsmen decipher the mystery latch and finally get the watch on the groom’s wrist.  He looks amazing.

OK, groom, groomsmen, ring bearer and ushers are all present and accounted for; the trolley arrives to take them to the church.  Time is speeding up.  Pat is so handsome.  As always, I’m proud to take his arm.  Parents of the groom – “How did this happen so fast?”  We arrive at church, and the bridesmaids look beautiful, really beautiful.  Our Nora is among the bridal party – friend before SIL and sister before friend. We ordered beautiful floral arrangements from the flower shops in Friendswood.

Brian escorts Pat and I down the aisle.  My lip quivers, when did he become a man?  The girls’ process, lovely.  Here comes the bride – absolutely stunning.  I look to Brian – his eyes and smile are the brightest I have ever seen.  The music, solemnity, the tiny gift bearers with their cute cufflinks, the marriage rites – they are now husband and wife.

We have our family picture – the six of us.  We stand with our handsome sons and beautiful daughters, a growing family who truly loves one another.  We are blessed.

On to the party – 500 fun, dancing, happy, loving, rapping, singing, laughing guests.  Time does fly when you’re having a fabulous time!  The wedding they dreamed of and worked so hard for has come to an end; however, the most important part of the day wasn’t the party, it was B&B’s sacred declaration of the love they shared, radiated,  witnessed, and cherished.

Everyone thinks their ducks are swans but ours are exceptional.  They are 3 wonderful adult-children – healthy, intelligent, fun, strong, faithful, loyal, hard working, great dancers, sentimental, caring and joyous.  Happily, our newest member has all the same qualities, although she’s not quite as loud.

Thank you, Julianna!  Your swans are as exceptional as the parents who love them.

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Day: Exceptional Love

  1. My comment is this Katybeth, Julie the author of this piece has heart and spirit like no other being I have ever known. Read between the lines her declaration and love for her family. It is no wonder she along with Pat who I have adored from our first meeting have created this amazing young family. It was indeed a priveledge to see and witness the covenant agreement between the two young lovers. You could feel the energy. Wow the energy! I watched Julie ” work the room” ( the reception hall) like nobody I have ever known. I actually don’t think I said two sentences with her. No, this was a day to watch. Watch your dear friend laugh, cry, squeel, dance and delight all present. It was a grand wedding indeed!

  2. I can so relate…I was up before dawn on my son’s wedding day cleaning and organizing my silverware drawer, pots and pans. Funny, looking back I can remember doing the same kind of chores the day I went into labor with my son. It all comes first circle.
    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful story. Many blessings on the Bride and Groom!

  3. My daughter was recently married and as I looked at her from my pew in the church I could not believe how my awkward, tom boy daughter has grown into “A bride” My swan. I’m glad she still has her smart ass sense of humor or I might be at a loss of words!


  4. Loved this story….My mom used to say the same thing about everyone thinking their ducks were swans…Beautiful story full of love.

    Thanks for sharing!

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