Help! Our Mango Soup Sucked!!

When Cole had his braces put on, the orthodontist said his mouth would be sore later in  the day, so he should eat soft food. His mouth was sore so I asked, “Honey, what can Mom make you to eat that would taste good?”  He replied, “Well, cold mango soup would be nice.”  Mango soup? Really?!

Well, since we were out of fresh mangos I fed him pasta cooked al dente that night, and promised to consider the mango soup the next day, hoping the craving would be replaced with Campbell’s Creamy Mushroom Soup (we have a lot of mushroom soup in the pantry). It didn’t. Being the kind of mom I never planned to be, I Googled mango soup, showed the recipe to Cole, and went to the store.

Together, we made the soup … and mutually agreed it sucked.

Please, take a look at the steps below and see if you can suggest where we went wrong, or hey, maybe you have the best mango soup recipe ever and are willing to share it, or better yet, invite us over for lunch or dinner.

I bought, pealed and de-stoned one large mango. I assumed de-stoned meant remove seed.  I have a gadget that does this beautifully.

Chopped 1/2 an onion. What kind of onion would you have used? I used this onion. We did not like how the onion tasted in the soup.  Did we get a bad onion?

Added 1/2 cup of cold water.

Minced a small chili pepper.  There are red chili peppers and green chili peppers, red bell peppers and green bell peppers. We used a red chili pepper.  Was that wrong?

Added juice from a freshly squeezed lemon, first rolling it on the counter just like my dearly departed husband taught me to.

Grated FRESH ginger and used 1/2tsp. When you grate ginger is it suppose to be stringy?Strings in your soup  can’t be a good thing. Right? What is your opinion?

It looked so good!

But…it wasn’t

It sucked!!

Where did we go wrong?

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9 thoughts on “Help! Our Mango Soup Sucked!!

  1. Totally skip the onion. Add a squeeze of lime juice. Toast some dry grated coconut and put it on top. I would buy a bottle of mango juice and add some till it’s the right consistency!

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  3. I would not have used raw onion, unless perhaps it was one green onion for a bit of color and zip as garnish on top. If you were supposed to use the big, white onion, I would have sauteed it first, but really, that flavor doesn’t seem like it would go.

    The chili pepper was correct, as was the grated ginger. Yes, the ginger is supposed to look like that, but you blend the whole thing later anyway, so it should be okay. You can always strain it if you want it completely smooth.

    I agree with Rachel on the lime. I think that’s a much better choice than lemon.


  4. looks lovely – Gordon wants to know if you pureed it all? And did you cook it and then chill it? He has a confused look on his face. Help him.

    • We blend. We don’t puree. Is there a difference (ask Gordon…). I’m not suggestion any sort of stereotype here because we all know I’m very political correct ALL of the time but perhaps Gordon would be less confused reading about the 300 uses for WD-40?

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