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WD-40, bananas, duct tape; all so handy in so many different ways, but I feel rather bad, a little guilty, and somewhat neglectful because I have not yet told you about the duct tape of the paperclip world: BINDER CLIPS.

First, I think in order to truly appreciate the significance of the binder clip, one must take a little time to truly understand the clip. The design is brilliant! It is made of one solid yet flexible piece of metal and two hinged clips. It has a spring-loaded clasp, allowing it to hold a larger stack of papers than its more simplistic brother, the paperclip. Per Wikipedia, the binder clip has undergone next to no significant design improvements or changes since it was invented nearly 100 years ago. You can find the indispensable gadgets in a variety of sizes, from the tiny roach-clip style to clamps the size of your hand (but with a significantly stronger grip). In the UK, it’s called a bulldog clip.

And now … here is a list of suggested uses for the binder clip.

Mildewy proof sponge: I could not let another day go by without updating this post with another another great way to use binder clips. Reddit user churnopol shows us how to keep those sponges from getting mildewy in the kitchen.








Binder clips as cable organizers. This is truly an A+ tip.  This picture says it all. Thank you Lifehacker

Clip-on key chain/money holder. Ideal for your morning walk. Take a 1¼-inch binder clip and pinch one of the wire arms toward the center to release it from its hinge. Slide on your key and refasten. Clamp to your waistband with a few bucks for coffee and a paper. No more wondering where to stash your key and cash.

Communication center for the fridge. Place a magnet on the back of the binder clip, stick it to the fridge and use it to clip notes, lists etc.

Tube clip. I love using the clips to hold the roll down in the toothpaste tube. This works especially well for toothpaste, but equally well for denature adhesive and Preparation H.  It keeps all the extra from going back up into the tube.  Extra bonus – you don’t have to spend time squeezing the extra back down to the bottom again. This is has always been a problem for you, right?

Pair organizers. Some of you don’t care. You should. Everyone notices. Keep socks, mittens and gloves paired up.

Garbage can sanity. Really. This will save your sanity. Are you tired of the large bag slipping down into the can? Use two or more large binder clips to secure the bag to the edges of the container. Problem solved! Sanity saved!

Technical support at the ironing board. Does this happen to you as often as it happens to me?  You have trouble with those pesky pleats or ironing a hem in place prior to stitching. Well, here is how I solve the problem.  I just grab a binder clip or two and iron the problem away. (True or False–Do I really do this?)

Pots. I am always so annoyed when the lid of a boiling pot closes the pot completely instead of leaving the pot a bit open. Now, when I cook potatoes, rice or pasta, I attach a binder clip to the pot and it prevents the sliding down of the lid. (I lied. I have no idea why I would want to leave a pot lid partially open.)

Seal bags of Lays potato chips, Cheetos, Oreo Cookies, large bags of M&M’s, Starbucks coffee bags and so on and so on.  First fold or twist the top of the bag and pinch with a binder clip.

Poster, painting or light tapestry hangers. Perfect for a funky apartment, loft or decked-out dorm room, or for those of you too frugal to buy frames. Check out the picture below for some colorful inspiration!

Organizing small table linens. Don’t you find it really annoying when your sets of fabric napkins and placemats slip-slide all over the linen closet or drawer? Clip your sets together with binder clips when you store them and solve this pesky problem.

Got loads of cash? (Hey, it can happen.) If you are on a trip or need to carry lots of small bills, binder clips are a great way to organize your paper currency. Just flip the ends down after you clip it on! Wish I had a tip for carrying my 99 cents.

Toy: Bored? Try making a shuffle board-style playing surface or a football-style yard line (starting with 0 and working on up by tens).  Now you and your friends can take a clip with the prongs sticking out to the back of the clip (in the position needed for opening the clip).  Hold the clip level with the playing surface and squeeze the prongs!  The clip will shoot out of your fingers and scoot along the playing area.

Low maintenance pets: Binder clips make excellent pets. Consider making a Binder Buddy or a Super Binder Dragon.

The binder clip is a let-your-imagination-run-wild tool. Buy a box today and let its versatility amaze you. Leave a comment about how you let your imagination-run-wild with binder clips and win your very own set of binder clips in Odds random binder clip drawing!

I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter! Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!!

15 thoughts on “Brilliant Uses For Binder Clips!

  1. My husband has used the money clip idea–works really great. My dad doctor suggested he use a large binder clip to strength his grip. He squeezes the folded-back wings of the clip, hold for a count of five, and relaxes, doing this several times over the course of a day

  2. OMG I love the first one about cable management. Awesome. So many cables so little organization!! 😀

    Thank you!!

  3. yes fun! They have been the ‘chip clip’ of choice here for many years! This summer I actually used them to take up the slack in the badmitton net (net MUCH wider than yard could accomodate — but thanks to binder clip, not a problem!). Also, if I give you a stack of papers – that I don’t want back – with a binder clip on them, it means I really like you — ’cause I don’t give away my binder clips lightly!

    • Taking up a badminton net–unusual, clever usage for sure!
      I’m pretty free with my binder clips but I do feel that kind of possessiveness about my Tupperware–If I loan you a real piece of tupperware–It means I trust you, completely.
      Thanks for dropping by Odd, Isabel! ♥

  4. False! I don’t even really know you but I would put my $10.00 on the fact you have never used a binder clip to hold down pleats or a hem while you ironed. I bet you don’t even iron!
    But its nice of you to share the tip with those of who do. I use a clothes pin but might consider updating my approach…modernizing so to speak. This wouldn’t make me geeky would it?
    Thanks for amusing and enlightening me this morning, Katybeth the one who does not iron!

    • I might be offended. Why in the world would you think I never ironed. Do I appear wrinkled to you? I mean, I MIGHT not iron but do I want to be known as the one who never irons?? MMM.
      No it would not make you geeky if you upgraded from a clothes pin to a binder clip….I did not even know they made clothes pins anymore :-D.
      Rebecca, thanks for stopping by Odd–its always so good to see you. REALLY!! ♥

  5. Just found a clever use for ’em. I’m a teacher and I like to display seasonal books in my classroom. So I put the clip on the bottom of a book, set it on a flat surface and then pull the silver “legs” down for added stability.

  6. At work we have a central printer/copier/fax/scanner which prints out a sheet with the user’s name along with whatever the user is printing. Most people just toss those sheets in the garbage. I take them, cut them in half, stack them, and hold them together with a binder clip! It saves paper and I now have a note pad.

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