Can I Borrow Your Garbage Truck?

Does anyone have a garbage truck I can borrow?

For the past 10 years, I have ordered wood chips from The Chicago Department Of Forestry. Wood Chips keep our yard from becoming a mud pit. I ordered a full truck load twice a year. The city delivered them in a great big garbage truck. When Cole was little, it was almost as exciting as Christmas. A delivery date was never guaranteed; when the “wood chip call” came you dropped everything, met the garbage truck, watched the driver dump the chips and quickly move the wood chips from the alley into the yard. Chicago discontinued the service. Today this letter arrived one year after my initial wood chip request. During an earlier follow-up phone call, the city informed me the wood chip program was canceled but they neglected to tell I me, I could bring my garbage truck to the wood chip location and load her up. Good to know. Really.

Letter from Chicago Bureau of Forestry

Dear Katie Ruscitti:

Our records indicate, you placed a request for mulch to be delivered to you in July of 2009. Due to overwhelming economic constraints at present, we are unable to honor your request.

However, I am to happy to announce, that you may bring your garbage truck to our site and load it with free mulch.

Best wishes and thank you for your patience and your service request.

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16 thoughts on “Can I Borrow Your Garbage Truck?

  1. Don’t you just kind of wonder if other people do have garbage trucks in their driveways or alleys? I mean are you the only person without your own garbage truck?

  2. Can we say new mayor? The wood chip program was terrific and was nice benefit to the people who lived in Chicago…so naturally it was the first program to be cut when the economy went south.
    If someone does have a garbage truck to loan you….I want a picture of you driving it…before and after….

  3. Due to overwhelming economic constraints at present, I am unable to honor your request.

    Should you locate your garbage truck I will certainly loan you my garbage truck loader.

  4. Wow…free mulch…what an awesome program!

    Sorry, one of my teenagers took my garbage truck on a date…makes it way easier to see the movie at the drive-in! LOL!

    What about borrowing a pickup and making several trips?


    • It was a great program. Thanks for the suggestions…at the very least we would need a dump truck and several strong people–Cole’s friends don’t need the money that bad…and my friends are well past the moving stage…but something will turn up.
      Nice to see you!

    • Bright Orange…kind of like the one in the picture. Hey–remember when you decorated the little snack fridge with all those flowers—I want my garbage truck to look like that—Bright Orange…covered in big flowers .Ok?

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