Hero Dogs Of 911

Kenn Bell, Dog Files, creator of “Hero Dogs of 911,” hopes when you watch this video:

  • Your eyes fill with tears and your heart swells with pride. I certainly experienced both of these emotions.
  • You take a few minutes to pray for the 2,796 victims of this tragic day.
  • You remember how proud we all felt in the weeks after 9/11 as we watched over 10,000 men and women converge on Ground Zero in the largest mobilization of emergency workers in the history of the United States.-and how 300 of them proved, without a doubt,  they are man’s best friend.

I hope you will share  ‘Hero Dogs of 911″  with everyone you know…far and wide…near and dear.

Never Forget,


27 thoughts on “Hero Dogs Of 911

  1. The images. The beautiful dogs. Man’s best friend. Impossible to ever forget but this was a beautiful reminder.

  2. I was aware of these noble dogs of search and rescue and supported them with my love gift at the time but this video reminded me to write a chcek once again and never forget.

    My brother onwned property near ground zero and he was a business man in the community we waited awhile before we knew he was safe. I’ve been to this very spot and I shall never forget all the men, women and pups who served us with such bravery.

    Thanks Katybeth

  3. This video clip has moved me to tears. Every year when 9/11 comes around I allow myself to be taken back to that horrible time in American History. I had no one at ground zero in search or working, visiting or near it. But it still affects me as if a family member was right in the middle of it in some way. I have to say though that also with 9/11 I have never seen us come together as a nation like I did at that time. It was wonderful to see all of us, no matter what race, religion, political party pull together and morn in unison our horrific loss. It was short lived but it was a wonderful thing. God bless America and God bless you.

  4. Love this. You don’t hear too much about the hero dogs (at least I don’t). Kenn did a great job with this! Thanks KB. ♥

  5. Thank you for sharing this KatyBeth. The dogs and owners who worked so tirelessly there were also subject to all the same health issues that anyone who worked on that site has suffered from. Search and rescue can be emotionally exhausting for both as well. They do not want to have to be cadaver dogs, they want to find people alive. So even more I appreciate the sacrifices made by them and by their owners who shared their services so generously.

    • So true, GInger. It can be hard for people to understand that these dogs are highly trained dogffessionals–and they want the rewards of success. The human emotion alone would have been hard for them to bare. But they gave and they gave right along with their owners.
      Thanks for viewing. Thanks for stopping by Odd.

  6. Very touching tribute! I never knew that 300 search and rescue dogs were working on the day we will “Never Forget.”
    I am still very touched by this tribute to “man’s best friend!”

    Thank you so much sharing!

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  9. This was a fantastic video. I hope everyone who loves dogs, and even those that don’t, will watch this and see what wonderful creatures dogs truly are.

  10. That was beautiful -thanks for sharing. I really do believe dogs are a special gift from God to mankind.

    Angels on Earth

    : )

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  12. What an emotional video. No one can watch this and have no emotion if they do they are not human. It was wonderful.
    Bless them all.

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