Deer Sheds Only. Deer not Included

The deer antler sheds that we sell make outstanding dog chews. If you are interested in finding out more about the product, click Deer Antlers For Pups. This post is about the odd deer antler questions I’ve been asked. Here are a few gigglers.

“Do you ship just the antlers or the whole deer? I’m not sure my postman could deliver the whole deer.”
Deer are not included. Just the antler.

“Do you guarantee how long the antler will last?”
Since we are not the one chewing it, we cannot offer a guarantee. However, we have found they last longer than any other chew we have ever given our pups.

“How can you know the deer eats organically, since it is wild?”
It is possible that a naughty deer might irresponsibly munch on a left-behind peanut butter and jelly sandwich, however the association of Odd Deer did certify our antlers 100% natural.

“Are deer antlers 100% safe?”
No. There is always the risk of stepping on one when you make that late-night bathroom run. Nothing is 100% safe.

“If my large dog was running with the antler in my house, could he poke my toddler in the eye?”
We recommend not allowing your pup to run with antlers.

“I would like to order a deer ear.”
Do you mean a deer antler?
“No, an ear.”
Um. Sorry, we don’t sell those.

“I would like a refund. I bought two antlers but my dog only chews on one at a time; I would like to return one.”
Do you mean he only likes one of the antlers?
“No, he seems to like both antlers but won’t chew on both at the same time.”
Why not just give him one antler at a time?
“Because I bought two and I want him to chew both of them.”
I understand. We would be happy to refund your money. Just send the antler back.
“Thank you. I’m not sure which one to send back, though, because my dog likes both of them.”
(After 15 e-mails back and forth, the customer decided to keep both antlers.)

“How do you know the deer antler sheds are all natural?”
Through careful screening. If we suspect a deer has cosmetically altered his antler, we will refuse to accept it.

Are deer antlers safe for children?
No. They could poke their eye out.

When you ship the antler, please make sure not to put “deer antler” on the box. I want it to be a surprise for my dog.
Not a problem. Just an FYI, though—most dogs smell better than they read.

We love our deer antler customers. They send us pictures of their dogs happily chewing on antlers, they are free with their referrals and compliments, and they make us laugh. Who could want anything more?

And by the way, just the other day I called a phone number I thought was for the exterminator we use, and I left a lengthy message. Seems I confused the exterminator’s number with my son’s high school teacher and left him all my rodent questions. And my 14-year-old recently asked me what measurement a soup can is; it seems the soup he was making called for one soup can of milk. So far be it from me to throw pots and call the stone black, because we certainly live in a glass house.

Do you have any funny questions you would like to share with us? Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

24 thoughts on “Deer Sheds Only. Deer not Included

  1. My dogs love your deer antlers. I am glad to know tho that you are are certified by the National Association of Odd Deer–this just made me feel so good! 😀

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  4. This is too funny! Your little (or big) business there is quite entertaining. Marley would like some for Christmas. Where can I order these from you my dear?? 🙂

  5. Wow, I had to laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing. I also have asked questions that I should have thought about before asking….just last night as a matter of fact.

    • 😀 well we mean well with our questions right? Isn’t that what really counts. I think these people mean well too…well accept the one who thinks her dog can mom said I should have told her we have to stamp the box with a deer antler label (postal regulation–not true but sounds good) …but offer to stamp in Spanish if her dog does not read Spanish. My mom is a little evil. 👿

  6. You have been approved by a couple of odd deers that showed up in your yard. Just making sure you are really getting the antlers the natural way by deer shedding and not by deer harming. You are so funny and I am always amazed by your quick answers. (Funny Response at work.) Trying to help a couple who looked lost in our big hospital. Can I help you find something. No I work here but I came in the way the normal people do. Me : LOL The normal people? Husband said I caught that to. ) 😳

    • Any deer antlers you find in your yard or surrounding woods would make a nice chew for your pup. Just wipe it off and sand of any rough edges–if you need to cut it into several pieces–a little bigger is better than a little smaller.

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