Odd To Our Christmas Rascal

Odd To Rascal From Her GrandMarcie

I think the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,
Is a little dog painted red and green.
I know tis the season to be jolly,
but couldn’t they just make do with holly?

So there she sits in her Xmas coat,
giving all who see her quite a jolt.
Isn’t it a little bit mean
To paint your poochie red and green?

She doesn’t seem to mind it though
I’d of just made do with a pretty bow.
Well, my friends let me tell you this,
her family goes all out for Xmas!

18 thoughts on “Odd To Our Christmas Rascal

  1. Oh this is precious! Especially the last one! Note Cards with Rascal on them that is what I want to see.

  2. Well I have seen everything. But you did forget to put a disclaimer saying “Do not put permenant paint on your dogs and never ever let them chew on electrical Christmas lights that are plugged in. The camera sure does love your dog. Great poem Mrs. Jensen. 😉 You have a way with words.

    • 😀 Christmas lights are not plugged in–Safety first (sometimes) and well the paint was not permanent but it does seem to be a little tough to wash right out of her hair–currently she looks a little tye-dyed.

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  4. Someone should tell the dogs it isn’t wise to chew on electrical cords! One of mine chewed the cord to my Ipad and I have to buy another one! I’ve tired to take teeth prints so I could punish the offending one but I can’t quite figure it out. Bad dogs.

      • I’m close to at a loss for words – and that will be a 1st in 50+ years. Marcie – I love your poem. Katybeth I’m not sure what to say, “that poor dog” came to mind, but she really is pretty darn cute.

        Marcie – another iPad cord, or another dog? Just kidding – at least with an only child they can’t pull that “it wasn’t me” excuse. Multiple dogs just give us multiple pains!

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