17 thoughts on “Snowy Snowy Pups!

  1. So cute–all of them! Emma looks much like our granddog Ivy (a Goldendoodle) and the photo I took of her this morning. She heard the little boys next door outside playing and looked so lonesome without her own peeps that I put my coat and boots on over my PJ’s and went outside with her. She was so thrilled that she ran circles around the yard. I didn’t have to move!

  2. All cute! Is Eli a Portuguese water dog? Do you like that breed? My sister had one named Ollie than I was in-love with.

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  5. I would love to have a Bandit. He is so cute but probley would hate the summers here in Alabama. I just think they are all so cute but I love the face of Bandit and have always liked the name. 😈

    • Bandit has been camping with us since he was 3 months old. He is near and dear to my ♥. His coat is not all that heavy but I doubt very much his family would send him to you. 😀

  6. These are just too adorable…I want to play with them in the snow. I want to cuddle with them when they are all dried off. I love them all. I have a very hard time going into Furrie Babies at the mall. It is a store with only puppies in baby cribs and they are all so adorable if I were a rich woman I would take them all home.

    • They are all adorable and I love, love, love them. Stay away from Furrie Babies—or just go in to harass them. Those adorable pups come from puppy mills, have a host of health problems and cost 3 times what you pay from a breeder. I have no problem with buying a pedigree pup from a breeder–I do have huge issues selling pups at a mall–I wish you could take them all home! and lock the door behind you!

  7. Maggie is so very tuckered out after her stay at camp. She came home and managed to open her Christmas present, do a couple tricks for treats and now is happily snoozing in her bed. Thanks for providing such a wonderful place for her to be when she can’t be with us. I know she loves it at camp and that is priceless!

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