A Deer Antler Video?


This deer antler video does not really belong on Odd, but I was asked to post it here to make it easy to share. Maybe it belongs here simply because it’s Odd; I don’t know. Maybe it is not up to me to question why, but just to post the darned thing. It’s not as if it’s going to cost me anything, after all.

Sorry for bloggering on and on… I just spent four days in the New Mexico sunshine and just arrived back to the gray skies of Chicago and God only knows how much snow (I thought it would be GONE). I have vacation lag, laundry to do and an empty fridge. Mom, I miss you SO much.


We ran a contest for Deer Antlers on our Facebook page and our wantabe website. My mother’s Doberman, Rumor, did a very good job of picking the winners.

Without further ado, here is the video of Rumor picking the Deer Antler winners.

I will see you all in a little bit! If you want to keep me company in the comment section and blogger on and on a bit about whatnots and whatever’s feel free, ok?


14 thoughts on “A Deer Antler Video?

  1. Hi Katybeth!! Nothing new here. I saw rumor on the other blog. She is sure a champ. Glad you are home safe. Maybe the snow will stay away for awhile. It is raining here (Alabama). 😆 Hurry spring. I am much happier during the spring.♥ p.s. I put Alabama for your many readers who will not know where the here is. I hope you remember.:)

  2. Of course it belongs here! It is adorable and I loved the part where Rumor decided to pick one more winner. What a beautiful pup. Hugs, Diane

  3. I did not win a large antler but loved seeing Rumor pick up the winners. Thank you so much for the medium antler-that was so generous of you and such a nice surprise. 😀

  4. Well we here, (hiding under a snow bank) welcome you back. We’re going to NM next Sat…we’ve been watching the weather there and it looks COLD! Glad to hear it was nicer than here. I bet you DO miss your Mom…I always had Mom withdrawal whenever I had been down to visit her in Alabama, then had to come back up to Mich. Ah well…enough bloggering.

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