Ashes to Snow

Cole said, “Mom lets add a few of dad’s ashes to the Chicago Big Blizzard of 2011.”

So we did.

….tell me snowflakes, do you come from where the angels are?

15 thoughts on “Ashes to Snow

  1. Well KB. This is Thursday afternoon. I was wondering if you are in route to your parents. I admire the way you and Cole make tribute to Joe. You love him very much. I hope the ashes last forever.

    • We made it! Hassle Free Cab Ride-No traffic- Friendly agents told me it was not possible for me to be in the wrong line, Smiling TSA, flight on time. Lucky enough to have two of the Southwest employees who were happy and pleasant in front of me at the Starbucks line-karma is good ).
      The ashes will last forever ♥

    • Dawn, I am just seeing this comment from two years ago—Yikes. If you go back to New. Mexico, talk to me! My mom and dad live in Albuquerque.

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