Egg Cracking Made Ez

Which day of the week do chickens hate most?


Cracked you up, didn’t I?

Ok, let’s get cracking … This is the odd video you have all been waiting for — my new EzCracker has arrived, and I have eggs-pertly demonstrated this egg-cellent product in the video below.

It’s no eggs-ageration when I tell you this is a very egg-citing cooking gadget. It makes egg cracking easy and lived up to my egg-pectations.

Don’t keep me on egg-shells — you know I really want to know … How do you like your eggs cooked?

Thanks for stopping by Odd, you are welcome hen-ytime and remember, always keep your sunny side up!



Tip: If you do buy the Ezcracker at Bed Bath and Beyond here is the link to there coupon page.   (no kickback to me 🙂 – I just know we all like saving money!)

14 thoughts on “Egg Cracking Made Ez

  1. I want one. Sure, I can crack an egg but you made the EZ cracker look like so much fun. I wonder if I could make a little Humpty Dumpty out of one of perfectly cracked shells. MMM—let me give it some thought 😕

  2. Katybeth,
    Joe is twitching in his Urn! The man who did not like to use beaters…married a women who buys an egg cracker? What odd couple you were!!
    An egg cracker? I am going to take bets on how quickly that little plastic egg separator cup disappears.
    I will say you demonstrated the egg cracker eggpertly and love those nails.
    Miss you! Miss Joe!

  3. I am impressed! First let me say your manicure and your presentation skills are eggcellent! In addition the product is nice. Actually some people do not like handing egg white and truly might prefer the egg cracking item. I always seem to be hunting for the little pieces like the part that seperates the egg white would most likely get lost in my drawer. The video itself is very professional in quality well done eggceptional filming technique. I am almost tempted to send it to son’s film school friends to teach them a few things about the crack I mean the craft.

  4. Note the little bottle of coke in the background, Katybeth’s trademark! I think the company should be paying you for doing such an eggsellent job of promoting their very nifty, eggstoardinay gadget! I’m sold, do they ship internationally?

  5. That was most egg-cellent! The cup-thingy was awesome. I hate separating egg whites. Your demonstration sold me on this gadget. I like my eggs scrambled in butter with cheese. What time should I show up for breakfast? Hugs, Diane

  6. 😀 You made the little eggshell talk! I personally enjoy cracking eggs on the side of a bowl and picking out the little shell pieces with my fingers, but whatever floats your boat I always say!

  7. Now that is an amazing gadjet! You showed it off to perfection. I see many omlets in your future. When can we expect our first angel food cake?

  8. I like all eggs. But the one that eggcites me in the AM is eggs cooked over easy with grits and butter on top. Black pepper, bacon, toast and I am a happy camper. Oh, must have a tall glass of sweet ice tea also. Not a coffee drinker. But I still love caffein. (cant spell right now). I am not sure I would use an egg cracker.♥♥♥♥♥ But I do love Sham Wows.♥♥♥♥♥ 😀

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