Balancing Eggs and Little Dogs

We Did It!
There is a persistent myth that at the vernal equinox, and only at the vernal equinox, can you stand a raw egg on its end. There is an equally persistent rebuttal that says it’s not possible at any time to balance a raw egg on its end. I’m not sure if we can do it tomorrow but WE DID IT TODAY!


and then we balanced Rascal on top of Cletus



You know where I am going with this right?? Next year, I plan to balance Rascal on top of Cletus with an egg on her head. You gotta have goals.

Happy Spring!


15 thoughts on “Balancing Eggs and Little Dogs

  1. Okay, Rascal is sitting there thinking, “Wasn’t enough that they gave me stripes? made me wear that silly costume and now she wants me to do what!

  2. Many do not realize that Rascal is extremely focused. It is this Zen like state that some mistake as forlorn where Ras is actually holding the act together. Many is the time, late at night we will be in deep conversation about the nature of zen in a puppy’s life and the bonds that it can create between breeds. Cletus has in the last few years begun a meditation practice as well although more of a trancendental practice. I am proud to call them “friends” and companions on this journey to enlightenment.

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