8 thoughts on “Spiritual Living Wants Joe Back

  1. Just when you think you’re getting along okay, along comes another reminder that your loved one isn’t here — stinks, doesn’t it, Katybeth? My dad passed away two years ago, and if we hadn’t been vigilant about notifying everybody that he was gone, we’d still be getting calls for donations, subscriptions, etc. Blessings!

  2. Thanks Debbie. Joe signed up for all kinds of stuff that I never knew about. This amused me–but then Cole and I have a pretty irreverent senses of humor. I can almost see Joe worrying about missing the reply by date and the special offer….he was just the kind of guy that worried about those things.

  3. Oh, sweetie. ((you))

    After my mom had lung cancer, and surprisingly remained alive, she got calls for years from Olinger Mortuary, wanting to know if she wanted to buy a family plot. So macabre and gross!

    • Not that is gross and macabre—about your mom. Funeral plot solicitations by phone lack in decency and good taste! Thanks for the hugs always appreciated but I have to admit to finding this kind of funny–because Joe would have found it so funny.

  4. Oh, dear…

    My mom had an account on Facebook before she died in September, 2007…I kept getting her popping up as a “friend suggestion” long after she was gone (I didn’t join Facebook until six months after she died). I had to send Facebook proof of her death before they would put her account in “In Memoriam” status!

    Sending you hugs, Katybeth!


    • Your mom had a facebook account before you? That is pretty cool 😀 Getting requests for friendship would be Odd indeed! Joe never had an account.

      Hugs back to you.

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