Crown Pork Roast. Part 1, 2, 3.

Crown Pork Roast Day was March 7th.


I have never had a crown pork roast. Our holiday menus are based on TRADITION, and crown pork roast is not a part of that TRADITION. I can only imagine what my family would have thought if I had suggested crown roast instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, or ham on Christmas and Easter. Well, I know what they would have thought, and it’s not, “Oh what a great idea. We are always up for a little change.”

As I was saying, I am fascinated with the beautiful and festive crown pork roast and wanted to fix it on its special day. Unfortunately, crown pork’s special day fell on Cole’s special day—and, well, once again, crown pork roast is not a part of our birthday celebration dinners.

However, on March 7th, I vowed, with GOD AS MY WITNESS, that the one who does not cook (that is me) will make a crown pork roast before the end of March.

Would you like to share in my special moment? Good.

Let me introduce you to our Crown Roast….


My Crown Roast is all dressed up and has someplace to go….



Please Note: Cole comes from a long line of table manner fanatics (mom-I know you noticed) and I do realize his napkin was not in his lap and he greeted his dinner with gusto. However, since it was 8:30pm at night, we were starving, and I was holding a video camera in his face–I decided to let King Cole seize the moment and conquer his Crown Pot Roast. The Queen mum has learned to pick her battles at any given moment.

By the way, this roast was Oh My God! good. If you stop by, I will fix you a plate-we have a few left-overs.


10 thoughts on “Crown Pork Roast. Part 1, 2, 3.

  1. Next try a southern favorite which is a standing rib roast. Might be the same thing with out the hole for dressing. Oh but I also noticed the potato and weiners in the corner of your last 🙄 😀 8) Was that backup supper?

    • Love standing rib roast. My mom makes it. Yum. Some people notice Cole did not have his napkin in his lap -you notice the potato and wiener…now that is a Southern thing :-D. The potato went with dinner and the wieners belonged to camper…who uses them to take pills. 😉

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