Honey Badger Bad Ass-Let Her Loose!


African puff adde is an adorable-looking, ferocious, furry psycho who climbs up trees to battle six-foot cobras thirteen feet above the ground, catches and eats birds, and chases away leopards. Honey badgers even take on the super-deadly African puff adder, one of the most venomous snakes on the planet.

The honey badger has reportedly killed male lions by running underneath them and … well, never mind.  You really don’t want to know. Let’s just say these “bad” badgers are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Most Fearless Creatures.” Honey badgers do not form long-lasting pair bonds … just sayin’.

I think we all need to embrace our inner honey badgers more often.

Think about it. If you are reading Odd, chances are you are a nice person and care about your family, friends, other people’s families and friends, your neighbors’ dogs, your kids’ teacher’s aunt who is in the hospital, how you offended a follower who dropped you on Twitter, the tone of your comments on Facebook, recycling more, driving less, cutting the sugar in your family’s diet, making sure your kids get eight hours of quality sleep, and wondering why you don’t have a bumper sticker announcing your kid is an honor student.

More than likely, you believe that other people don’t worry about these things nearly as much as you do and that doubles your worry load. Now, you have to worry about those people (who you are certain) don’t worry enough.

Honey badgers don’t worry; they are bad-ass and just do not give a shit.

This does not describe me. I am nice (most of the time), happy (most of the time), and don’t fly into rages (most of the time). However, my inner honey badger has surfaced on occasion, like when I was dealing with AT&T (the “We appreciate your business” people) about my internet service. Calling on my inner honey badger while dealing with AT&T was most helpful.

I’m not saying we should all run amuck and rip the heads off rats and cobras, although … why aren’t I saying this?  I do think that at times we all need to confront situations with a little less “Oh, my feelings are hurt. I am so sensitive” and a little more honey badgerness, as in, “Precious, if you ever do that again, I am going to rip your arms off and strangle you with them, bless your heart.”

What about you? Are you ready to let your inner honey badger loose?  Drop me a comment. Odd loves company.



Thanks for the video share go to a cute Purdue College “Bug.”


P.S. Ok, fine a “friend” just reminded me how I let loose with my Honey Badger when the Little Diner took advantage of my mother….yep, that will bring out Honey every time.


20 thoughts on “Honey Badger Bad Ass-Let Her Loose!

  1. I’ve watched this video about 5 times already. Cracks me up! To answer your question, yes, of course I have let my inner Honey Badger loose. My husband and my daughter know Honey very well. 🙂

  2. After watching the video I have to agree…that honey badger is bad-ass! I also agree we should release our inner honey badgers as needed. Loved the video..

  3. My Honey Badger is out quite often I’m afraid! Like when you mess with my kid, or my friend’s kid, or an animal. Or whine – I’m liable to whip out my honey badger if you whine about sh*t that doesn’t matter.

  4. Oh I just had a great idea–my little one’s co-ed soccer team is in search of a team name-I am going to suggest to my daughter that she suggests the name Honey Badgers. When those parents suggest the game is, “all about having fun.” I will be laughing my badass off.

    • Oh Mike–how funny…please do this! Its a great name and everyone will think they are sweet little badgers because of the word Honey and really they will be the bad-est of the bad! Please send me a team picture!

  5. I really, really want one. I am sure with the proper love ad nurturing it would make a honey of a pet. I’m not sure about the whole taking a walk thing…on the other hand might cure people of letting their dogs run off lead. 😀

  6. Love, love, love your commenters, Katybeth. They crack me up! What do you get when you cross a honey badger with a bulldog? Moi! Actually, I don’t think I’d like to witness that mating after all.

  7. Badgers are scary! We have a relative of badgers living around here called a “fisher.” They’re the only animals who will eat a porcupine…they just flip them over on their backs, and scoop out the guts like a watermelon…

    A fisher crossed the road in front of our car last spring…


  8. OMG you’re making me laugh! Because I let out my Honey Badger on Comcast this week after more than 2 weeks of bad or no service. And my maiden name IS Badger! 🙂

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