Teen Got Shoes

“Mom, I’ve outgrown my shoes.” Those words used to make me run and hide under the covers and shake uncontrollably. From the day I brought Cole home from the hospital, he had strong opinions about his clothes, especially his shoes.

To begin with, I envisioned Cole’s first shoes as Stride Rites. You know, good support for his toddler feet. We walked into the Stride Rites store, tried on a pair, and Cole hated them- his baby taste was clearly offended. His first pair of shoes were canvas Converse sneakers. Which he loved and wore happily.

Cole was doing some modeling around this time, and went to a photo shoot for an ad that included bright red leather high tops. Cole looked at those shoes, pointed and said, “Oooh!” When it was time to take them off, even with a promise to go directly to the store and buy another pair, Cole sobbed so hard, he was given the shoes.  Relief was short-lived, though, and soon we were off on another shoe hunt

As time went on, Cole made it clear he would never wear shoes that lit up. He said they were too loud. He wouldn’t wear shoes with characters on them, and he certainly didn’t want any white shoes or dress shoes. We did find this pair of sandals that he loved but they broke and I had to use shoe glue on them I bought from Shoe Adviser a few weeks ago. He wore it but his feet grew cold during the Chicago winter. Don’t judge me-you never had to shoe shop with Cole.

We moved quickly into Pumas. Joe once had a fit about how much Cole’s shoes cost and told me he would shoe shop with Cole the next time around. Joe came home that day practically in tears as Cole happily carried in his very expensive New Balance sneakers. I grinned smugly and said, “I told you so—nana nana boo boo!” Then I did a little happy dance.

When Cole began to play indoor soccer, he asked if he could wear indoor soccer shoes as his everyday shoes. Indoor soccer shoes came in a variety of cool styles, bright colors, and while they were expensive, they were made for the kid that ran, jumped, and kicked off the court as well as on the court. Indoor soccer shoes. Yes!!

And then good friends gave Cole Nike custom shoes for his birthday, Cole designed them. Niki made them, and best of all they can be bought on line without mom. The shoes became a birthday tradition and each birthday Cole is given a new pair. I just love good friends.

Now Cole wears his custom-designed indoor soccer shoes for every occasion. One pair of shoes, you ask? Yes, one pair of shoes. Cole wears the same shoes for any and all events. “Why,” he wonders, “would he need a second pair of shoes when the one pair he has is perfect? That’s silly.” If they get too small, he just curls his toes up.

I would like to share with you the latest in Cole’s Customized Shoeware! Oohs and aahs  are appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Teen Got Shoes

  1. I LOVE those shoes! I agree with Cole. I find one great pair of Clarks and wear them everyday until I wear them out, then get some new ones, usually very similar to the old pair. 8)

  2. If the shoe fits wear it! You are very lucky he only likes one pair. My son is a clothes horse. Wants the finest Italian leather and prefers Cole Haan or Nunn Bush. He likes to change and comfort is everything! You are blessed one pair of shoes at a time on the budget! Good for you! The shoe itself does look very comfortable I must say.

    • Thanks for the Ohhh. When it comes to clothes and shoes Cole takes no prisoners-he knows exactly what he wants to the sometimes extreme frustration of his mother.

  3. Those shoes are certainly VERY oohy and aaahy!!! Your son sure has style!. And yes one pair of shoes till they are worn out and then another. What a treat the annual shoe shopping is

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