April Fools Pranks!

Looks Can Be Deceiving


Happy Aprils Fool Day! One of the best April fools pranks I ever played was very simple. I added blue food coloring to the milk. When Cole poured it in his cereal, the look on his face was priceless. He said, “Mom, the milk is blue,” and I said, “Really? Well, that sometimes happens.” He was unconvinced, so he showed the milk to his dad, who was equally confused and eyeing me suspiciously. I repeated what I had told Cole, “Sometimes, blue milk just happens.” Joe, who was not at his best in the morning, looked at me and yelled, “Blue milk never just happens! Something is wrong with this milk!” I was, like, “Well, how does it taste?” Both Joe and Cole looked at me like I had lost my mind, and I laughed until… well, I am still laughing.

Cole played the same prank on his grandfather with the same funny result, but my dad, being my dad, acknowledged the blue milk with curiosity as his cereal floated in it and then calmly sat down to eat the cereal. Nothing gets between my dad and breakfast. Cole, my mother, and I laughed until… well, we are still laughing.

We are easily amused.

Last year, I put a bottled Starbucks drink in Cole’s lunch. Carbonated beverages are forbidden in the school handbook, but not Starbucks. I know this because Cole had been asking to take a Starbucks for months. I steamed the bottle open and replaced the Mocha coffee contents with chocolate milk. I then re-sealed the bottle with a thin packing tape. Ta da! It worked like a charm. Twice. Cole told me after the first few sips that he realized he was drinking chocolate milk. My kid is quick. However, he continued to drink it, pretending it was coffee. The other kids made sure the teacher noticed. The teacher let Cole know the drink was not allowed. April Fools followed, as did the chocolate milk coming out of Cole’s nose because he was laughing so hard. The topic came up in our parent/teacher meeting.

One year, I fooled my mom by having a friend call and inquire about an ad in the paper that listed her beloved Doberman for sale. Doberman. Black. Well trained. Will only consider a good home. Of course, there was no ad, but my mom spent a good 20 minutes hysterically combing through the Houston chronicle Pets for Sale ads. If you feel sorry for her, please read about the trail mix.

This year, I was at a bit of a loss, so I visited my good friend Google. Cole loves Oreos.

The deed was done, the oreo’s were packed with todays lunch. I will report back; as Cole has gotten older he has become more suspicious of his mother-



10:17pm update: Cole was very suspicious of his lunch. Checked out his Oreo’s carefully but still ended up with a taste of toothpaste. The best part is he passed two of the three cookies on to a classmate. The gene’s live on! Now, I have taped the nozzle down on the sprayer in the kitchen sink-when Cole turns on the sink he will be treated to a little kitchen shower power. I love this day!

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16 thoughts on “April Fools Pranks!

  1. I have been watching for this post. Katybeth you are awful! In a good way, tho! And very Funny. I am not sure which one to try first. 😀

  2. Loved the Starbucks one! I can just see the expressions on Cole’s teacher’s faces, though chocolate milk coming from one’s nose sounds almost painful!

  3. The dog prank was NOT funny. I simply could not believe someone had placed an ad in the paper for one of my wonderful dogs!

  4. All are good but I am waiting to see how lunch went today for Cole. You are so strangely amusing.♥

    • Oddly amusing..please. I posted an update in the post. You have plenty of little one’s to try many of these pranks out on….as mama always says, “What good are kids if you can torture them some…”

  5. You are bad…and that’s so good. Glad the prankster genes made their way to Cole. Years of “foolish” fun yet to come. Hugs, Diane

    • It was such fun and now it is over–I am going to have to start planning next year now, though–it has become really tough to fool him but he gets such a kick out of even my lame efforts that its worth it.

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