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Here is a conversation between Chicago Cubs Fans and Chicago White Sox Fans. It all started with this song on Cubs opening day.

CF: Go Cubs

WSF: Why not move to the other side and support a better team? The Chicago White Soxs!

CF: Puke

CF: The over/under for Kenny Williams to bitch about poor attendance at their ghetto park?…..5 losses.

CF: Thank you for sharing this piece of sentiment, Bill. Go Cubbies!

Bystander: Who’s Kenny Williams?

CF: ……year after year after year after year after year after year…..

WSF: Don’t you be Rolfin on my Sox mister!

WSF: I was a season ticket holder at Wrigley for business reasons (Money not love) and I can tell you that Wrigley is a dump.

CF: Sticks and Decks can break my bones…

CF: I will put my baseball acumen up against any of those south side fans. Bring it.

WSF: I am a Sox fan and proud of it. I grew up with almost all Cub fans and we all really got along because we all love Chicago and would cheer on the Cubs if they would ever do well. Which is sadly very unlikely!

CF: I said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t meet friends for lunch or drinks before or after the game at Comiskey. It’s a nice place, but it’s get in there and get out. Now, let’s get some runs Cubbies!

WSF: I disagree we absolutely love the neighborhood! Love the park and have a great time!

WSF: We tailgate!! :p

WSF: Beats paying 9 bucks a beer..

WSF: Sox fans have personality and know how to party, laugh and above all they don’t whine like the Cub fans!!

WSF: We’re frugal.

CF: I said it’s a nice place, just want to know where you hang out before and after to extend the fun, before and after tailgating hours. The orange line? Lol.

WSF: Bridgeport friends invite us to their bars and backyard parties. Love the southside friends! Whoot! Whoot!!!

CF: So, that’s where that annoying Whoot Whoot came from : )

CF: If the Cell and their fans are so great then why do they have to beg fans to go there?

WSF: How many fools will be at the Cub opener? 38,073, 39,123, 40,001?

CF: As many as it takes to fill the stadium. Every game.

CF:  Year after year after year.

CF On last thing on the Sox: Hawk Harrelson sucks. He’s the worst broadcaster in the league.

CF: Hey…looks like our Mayor elect is at Wrigley. He one of us illiterate Cub fans!

WSF: I love Rahm Emanuel

CF: Something tells me he will be playing both sides of the fence when the Sox have their home opener. But Rahm is a North sider.

And so it goes game after game after game.

But if one team should go all the way..North  meets South and everyone Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Chicago Baseball Fans

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  2. Have loved the cubs since way back, when Ron Santo was my first baseball card. Wrigley is a church…and I get to go back to church (and the Cubby Bear and Murphy’s and and and..) this summer with a bunch of friends.

    • Sounds like fun! I enjoy the games in the summer months–and having a ball park in a neighborhood is fun. Even if the neighborhood is very yuppie these days.
      A church? Well. Yes.

      Go Cubs!

  3. Cubs, always and forever! I’m mildly pleased when the Sox do well, but for me, it’s about the Cubbies! Downstate, we’re lucky — half are Cardinals fans; half are die-hard Cubs fans. It makes for some interesting discussions.

  4. Cute post and it proves Chicagoans are very colorful people with strong opinions. I love the banter and it makes us cool and never boring! We may not always agree but at least we have passion and loyalty to one of the Chicago teams. Play ball!

  5. The lighted sign at Wrigley Field at the bottom of the post is kind of sweet and kind of sad. Surely, the Cubs will win the World Series someday. Surely.

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