Chicago-I am not amused!

It is April 18th in Chicago:

Instead of this:

We have this!

If April showers bring May flowers-I don’t even want to guess what late April snow will bring. . .

My ONE daffasilly is not happy.

8 thoughts on “Chicago-I am not amused!

  1. The last time I was at Tom’s I gathered all his wool sweaters to clean. I did not leave him one warm sweater! I am so upset and I am tired of this nonsense! I know your flowers will be fine because my mom told me. She has an amazing Green thumb and everything grows! Like everthing else we have to suck it up but I am not amused!

  2. Oh, Katybeth, ain’t it the truth?? My poor son sent his heavy winter coats, gloves, and other “woolies” home with me after Spring Break; he’s just freezing now! I’m so weary of the dreariness and the dankness of it all — and the foreseeable week ahead doesn’t look like much improvement. But, boy, will we be glad when Spring brings some warmth and sunshine finally — hang in there!

  3. Sorry folks but it was 76 here today with bright blue skies. All right we had wind, which I hate. The wind brings out my very darkest side, makes me want to tear the wings off small flying creatures! I’d even take the snow over the wind. You people are total optimists! I haven’t even chanaged MY closet around!

    • Ok. We got. Hate the wind. A lot!! Wind real does not have any redeeming qualities–you can’t even built a snow man with the dust.
      On the other hand some a couple of weeks of sunshine sounds pretty good right about now!

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