Fairy Tale Wedding

I love a good fairy tale!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally getting married. The event is going to be exciting, extravagant… and very early in the morning! But I am ready to attend.

I was there when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married on July 29th, 1981. Diana looked so beautiful in her enormous taffeta and lace dress – with 25 feet of train! Charles, perhaps not the most handsome of princes, managed to pull off a princely look in his full dress naval commander uniform. Do you remember when Diana and Charles kissed on the balcony? I witnessed a fairy tale come to life, in my living room, sipping mimosas and eating scones with friends.

Unfortunately, many people will be quick to point out, there’s no such thing as a real-life fairy tale. And for Charles and Diana, that proved to be true. But for William and Kate, I’m going to clap my hands, because I believe in magic and in happily-ever-after. I refuse to ever let real-life fairy tales fade away to Neverland.

In just a few hours, I will be watching Kate, the commoner, become Princess Catherine and marry her Prince William, and I’m so excited! The dress, the ring, the cake, the veil, the celebrity guest list. Oh, there’s SO much to discuss about the Royal Wedding –

Will you be watching with me?


Wedding refreshments: tea and scones!

My wedding attire.

20 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Wedding

  1. Love your wedding attire, but what I really want to know is…what is Rascal wearing?

    I caught the actual ceremony around 6:00 this morning and the carriage ride back to the palace. It was too early for me to get up and watch the whole thing, but I, too, believe in magic and happily-ever-after so I’m cheering for them.

    Kate looked absolutely gorgeous and that prince of hers is quite the handsome lad. ♥ Diane

    • I stayed up all night–and started watching at 3am. Cole is still sick with a boil-ear ache so sleep has been pretty elusive this week..We nap.
      Love it. Rascal will show off her outfit later today!

  2. I love your wedding outfit and the cup of tea and scones are perfection! I believe in fairytales too and I’m sure this one will come true! As Italians would say, ‘Viva gli sposi’, Long live the wedding couple!

  3. You are amazing and made this special event so much fun for me here in the boonies of Jo Daviess County. I did not time things well and there are no scones for now but perhaps afternoon tea later. Thanks for being you and making this a historic and memorable facebook wedding for all of us to share.

    • I second you Nancy! It is always fun to share these festivities with others, and Katybeth you make it easy to do! We may all be far apart in miles, but we are intertwined in friendship! 😉 So, here is to many happy years of marriage for the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge! Let’s pray this fairy tale endures. I can hardly wait to see their firstborn! What an event that will be!

  4. I was up at 5 AM watching and e-mailed my kids to see if they were watching and all three of them were. I loved knowing that.

    Alas, I did not dress for the occasion and didn’t even have tea. I really needed that coffee.

    It was all so lovely. That coach is right out of Cinderella, isn’t it!

  5. I really enjoyed the fact Jim sat next to me serving me hot coffee and toast at 4:00 am and he talked and gave opinions just like the girls! Honestly I was shocked that he was so into the pagentry. I wonder if he is entering his feminine side now that he is sixty. I really appreciated the male perspective. Particularly his advice for William on the wedding night. Let’s just say he wants a baby nine months to the day! ” That Saxon better not let us down, that young lady is so lovely she should reproduce and giver her country an heir.” He wasn’t sure he was up to it with the week kisses. My kisses were much better!

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    • They turned out pretty good–I got a few tips for next time so I am ready to give it another try.

      Thanks–my hat is mostly decorative but it fit the sprit of the occasion.

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