Gallbladders! Vagina’s! Facebook! Oh My!

Ok. I admit it. I just love Facebook. My Facebook friends are so cutting edge, and I do mean cutting edge! Well maybe “cutting edge” isn’t the right description in this case but overall cutting edge.  Just read the conversation below and you’ll understand, Obviously the names have been changed  . . .

Facebook Friend 1: I am meeting with a surgeon at Northwestern Memorial that removes the gall bladder via the Vagina! What do you think about that? Amazing!  Monday at 10:18am vi Android  Like

Katybeth: Pretty amazing. 21 hours ago · Like

Facebook Friend 2: Now THAT’S a status update!!  21 hours ago · Like

Facebook Friend 2: You certainly don’t see this one everyday. 21 hours ago Like

Facebook Friend 1: I am waiting for all your Vagina jokes. Waiting to see Dr. Now. Sent from my U.S. Cellular Android device18 hours ago via · Like 2 people

Facebook Friend 3: ok I about died when I read this!! whats the recovery time? and what about ya know….. 🙂 16 hours ago · Like

Facebook Friend 2: Your gallbladder does not need to come out of your vagina. That’s what babies are for..16 hours ago · Like

Facebook Friend  2: VAGINA!! :- ) 15 hours ago · Like 2 people

Note: Facebook Friend 2  will often shout out the word Vagina at different times. Why? Well, why not?

Facebook Friend 1 Northwestern Memorial Hospital is conducting a study. Europe has been removing gallbladder trans vaginally and through the mouth for ten years. Americans are far behind. I read about it in JAMA AMD Medline. I was downtown Chicago and decided to learn more about it. They think I would be a good candidate but more test need to be done. I would have the Chief of their department and a team of doctors learning a new procedure via my VAGINA! 🙂 Seriously it is supposed to be less risk, less, pain and shorter recovery and most importantly less side effects later in in life. I am actually interested but I need to learn a lot more before I choose to do this.  14 hours ago · Like 3 people

Facebook Friend 4: This is brilliant stuff and completely uninvasive! Hey, we’ve given birth so who cares if a gallbladder is removed via the vagina! 12 hours ago · Like 3 people

Facebook Friend 1: I have always been a multi-tasker! 13 hours ago- Like 2 people

Facebook Friend 2:  I hope you find the relief you need whatever the means. I’ve just never heard of this. 13 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Facebook Friend 1: I know there are two articles on my wall about it. I’m thinking about doing it via the mouth. I do have a big mouth!  🙂    13 hours ago · Like 4 people

Facebook Friend 2: NO. I find it very interesting! 13 hours ago · Like 1 people


Naturally if my Facebook friend goes ahead with the procedure, I have requested exclusive blogging rights! Count on me to keep you posted!

Please feel free to leave a comment-Odd Loves Company


If you are interested in the procedure here are the “wall links” my facebook friend was referring to.

Gallbladder Removal Through Vagina Offers Minimally Invasive Alternative

Gallbladder Removal Through Vagina- Northwestern

And for a lighter link….thank you Cynthia for sharing: Dam you auto correct..Happy Birthday Mom

21 thoughts on “Gallbladders! Vagina’s! Facebook! Oh My!

  1. Oh My! Is Right!! Time for me to get a Facebook account and get with it.
    Please do keep us posted.Inquiring minds want to know. My gallbladder is fine but getting older… 😀


  2. Researching gallbladder removal I’ve learned a great deal. There are over 700,000 done in the US alone and mostly all are women. 10,000 can have complications and some result in death. If you’ve had a previous c-section your risk are greater because of scar tissue. If when removing the gallbladder there is a slip of the tool your bowels can become upstructed. Recently my niece had to have her gallbladder removed and she is model height and weight and 22 years of age. Her stones were so large they penetrated her liver and kidney. She was a very sick girl in a lot of pain. I am so against medicine and any typical AMA stuff anyhow but now that I know I am at risk for a host of things I decided to reseach my options. I know if I have another gallbladder attack I can end up with complications that are life threatening so I am considering this if I qualify.

    I met with two people on the team and they predict this is the way of the future. The risk of damaging all the neighboring organs and the bile cavity is far less. All the patients that have done it have not even required a Tylenol afterwards. My niece was screaming about pain for days. So if it takes putting my feet in the old stirrups one more time I will do it if I can improve my chances of a speedy recovery and no life time side effects.

    I am wondering about the oral surgery having the gallbladder removed via the mouth,that may even me better? I will be knocked out I won’t no where or what end they drag the old organ out just as long as it doesn’t hurt and I recover without permanent negative issues.

    Katybeth great writing as usual you funny lady!

  3. O.K. this one I can talk about. I had my gallbladder removed a over year ago. It had never given me a moments problem, until it did. I went in to emergency surgery and they tried to take it out with an incision in the belly button, they couldn’t, so they sliced me open and removed it. I have no idea how the other methods would work but if someojne has it done differently. Please share. Oh, the only bad thing that happened to me is somehow my spleen disappeared, some where along the way. So if anyone notices a spleen being offered on Ebay, please notify me!!!!

    • Clearly the apple does not fall far from the tree! Marcie you too are very entertaining. Those gallbladder attacks are a doozy! I always think it’s a heart attack. Well if you ever get indigestion and a very sharp pain shooting up between your shoulder blades and no matter how you sit, stand or lay down the pain will not subside for hours that is a good indication it is gallbladder issues. You do not need them to live but if they screw up when they attempt to remove it and it does happen, the results are quite serious.

      I still have to be approved and if my current stones are too large they will not do this method why I do not know because they actually pull out the entire gallbladder. I think it’s facinating and I am ready to do the famous Eagle spread to feel relief!

    • If it on e-bay-I will bid on it and hang it on my wall and when people say, “Wow what an interesting piece of art, what does it represent.” I shall say, my mother spleen.

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  5. Had the severe GB attacks while working at Chrysler in Belvidere the year of the tornado. I also thought I was having a heart attack. After test after test and no gallstones found the doctor said it was just stomach spasms. But…after having several tests and being in the hospital too many times, my mother came to see me one night while I was in the hospital and she brought me a Hershey bar.. Told me to eat that before I went to sleep..which I did and ended up having the worse attack I had ever had. She called me the next morning and asked how my night went and I told her and her reply was “It’s your gall bladder” and sure enough…the stones finally showed up. Had the big incision and was in the hospital for a week. BUT…..never so happy in my life to have that taken out of me. I lived on asparagus creamed on toast. That was the only thing I could eat without having an attack. Weighed 89lbs when I had surgery. 😀

    • OMG Carol your story sounds like my mothers. I never knew this was a womens issue! The first time I had it I was eating a bag of carrots. I thought I would die and it was Easter Sunday and my children and husband were playing a board game and they were having so much fun that I just didn’t want to ruin it. I called down the stairs ” I’ll be back later I am going to Dubuque”. I drove right to the ER and said I am having a heart attack. I was wearing a size 8 and I am 5 10. My weight, blood pressure and test were perfect. They said you are one of the healthies people we have ever seen. I felt pretty ridiculous. The doctors brilliant advice ” don’t eat raw carrots”. People think it’s obesity but as I said my niece could be on the cover of Sport Illustrated no kidding! She almost died from a gallbladder that leaked the stones to the adjoining organs and bile duct. People especially women do need to know this is serious and a person could end up with a colostomy bag for life because the stones penetrate a bile duct wall.

      • Chocalate and caffeine can irritate a gall bladder that is in need of repair. People think it’s only greasy foods but that is not true. I ate a two bagel chips a week ago and had a gallbladder attack from that.

  6. I am just loving this entire commentary! Oh, and so nice to see one of mine in the above thread. Thanks for the info, Nancy, all of my family have suffered from gallstones and should it happen to me, at least I’ll be forewarned and forearmed. (I’m going to go for the mouth option too)

    • For some reason the mouth option is not being studied in Chicago currently they did do the mouth procedure in 2007. They should of used me for that one because I do have a big mouth! Actually I may have a loud voice but the dentist say my mouth is small, they have to use smaller instruments etc.. But my lower half seems to be perfect or so I’ve been told so I think it should work. They are still waiting to test a few more things to see if it’s a go. Thank God for anesthesia!!

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