April 12, 2011 Look Up at the Sky Day!

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~
April 12, 2011

★~ Today’s QuoteI thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.  ~e.e. cummings

★~  Today is Look Up at the Sky Day:

Is it a plane? Is is a bird? No! I’s the sky! ‘Ya never know what might be going on up there. An asteroid or meteor may be on it’s way to earth.  A solar eclipse could be on display. A flock of geese or birds may be over head.  Or, the clouds may be forming into bunnies or bears, or eagles, OH MY!

Celebrate look up at the sky day by taking a few minutes from your busy day to Look UP and admire the sky!

★~ Today in History:

♥~1799 – Phineas Pratt patented the comb cutting machine — a “machine for making combs.”

♥~1961 – Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alexeyevich Gargarin was the first person in space as he took a one orbit, 1 hour and 24 minute trip around the earth as he rode in a 10,395 pound Vostok 1.

♥~1954 – Bill Haley recorded ‘Rock Around The Clock’ at Pythian Temple studios in New York City. Considered by many to be the song that put rock and roll on the map around the world. The song was used over the opening titles for the film ‘Blackboard Jungle’, and went on to be a world-wide No.1 and the biggest selling pop single with sales over 25 million. Written by Max C. Freedman and James E. Myers, ‘Rock Around The Clock’ was first recorded by Italian-American band Sonny Dae and His Knights.

♥~1966 – Tom Jones went into hospital to have his tonsils removed, (there was speculation that he had a nose job).

♥~1981 – The first space shuttle, Columbia, carrying astronauts Robert L. Crippen and John W. Young, blasted off from Cape Canaveral, FL, on its first test flight. It was designated STS-1 (space transportation system).

♥~1984Challenger astronauts made the first satellite repair in orbit by returning a healthy Solar Max satellite to space. The orbiting sun watcher had been circling the Earth for three years with all circuits dead before repairs were made.

♥~1989 – Two DJ’s on Los Angeles station KLOS asked what ever happened to David Cassidy’ The singer called the station up and the presenters invited him onto the show. David played three songs live on air and was subsequently signed by a new record label.

★~Born Today:

♥~1930 – John Landy Australian runner: set mile record of 3:57.9 a month after Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile

♥~1932Tiny Tim (aka Darry Dover, Larry Love) (Herbert Khaury) ukulele playing, falsetto singer: Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Sonny Boy; film: You Are What You Eat, TV: Laugh In; died Nov 30, 1996

♥~1946 Ed O’Neill actor: Modern Family, Married……with Children, Little Giants, Wayne’s World, Deliverance, Dragnet [2003]

♥~1947 – Tom Clancy author: Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games; baseball exec: co-owner: Baltimore Orioles

♥~1947David Letterman TV host & comedian: Late Night with David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman; TV mogul: owner of Worldwide Pants Incorporated

♥~1949 Scott Turow author: Presumed Innocent, The Burden of Proof

♥~1950David Cassidy actor: The Partridge Family, Spirit of ’76, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; singer: Cherish, I Think I Love You; son of actors: Jack Cassidy, Evelyn Ward

♥~1956 Andy Garcia actor: When a Man Loves a Woman, A Show of Force, The Godfather: Part 3, The Untouchables, Blue Skies Again

♥~1957Vince Gill Grammy Award-winning singer: When Love Finds You [1994], I Still Believe in You [1992], When I Call Your Name [1990]

♥~1971 Shannen Doherty actress: Beverly Hills 90210, Our House, Little House on the Prairie, Night Shift, Heathers

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ The sun produces so much energy, that every second the core releases the equivalent of 100 billion nuclear bomb,

♥~ The lightning in the sky is nearly 3 times hotter than the Sun.

♥~ Dr. Eugene Shoemaker’s  an American geologist,  and one of the founders of the fields of planetary science. is the only man to be buried on the moon. His ashes were scattered over the moon by the Lunar Prospector spacecraft in 1999.

♥~They sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering.  The molecules in the atmosphere scatter the different wavelengths of light coming from the sun.  Air molecules like nitrogen and oxygen molecules reflect those with shorter wavelengths like violet, blue or green much better than the longer wavelengths like red, orange or yellow.  That is why wherever you look in the sky, you can see scattered blue light overhead.

♥~Light from distant stars and galaxies takes so long to reach us, that we are actually seeing objects as they appeared hundreds, thousands or even millions of years ago. So, as we look up at the sky, we are really looking back in time.


It was time for the mama and the baby pigeon to fly across the sky to grandmother pigeons house…

but baby pigeon said, “I can’t fly  make it; I’ll get too tired.”
His mother said, “Don’t worry baby pigeon; I’ll tie a piece of string to one of your legs and the other end to mine.”
The baby started to cry.
“What’s wrong now?” ask mama pigeon.
“I don’t want to be pigeon towed!

(Giggle Giggle–One of my favorite jokes!)

I hope today you eat pie, look up at the sky and know no limits! And, if you have the time I hope you will leave a comment because Odd loves Company!

13 thoughts on “April 12, 2011 Look Up at the Sky Day!

  1. Oh God not David Cassidy.Please not David Cassidy! My sister drove me crazy growing up with his music. I still have nightmares to the tune of, I think he loves you.
    The sky. Love daybreak and sunsets.

    Have a great day lovely lady! I am going to try if I can wipe the memory of D.C. from my mind.

    • Yes. David Cassidy. I bet you like his big sister. Admit it!! ….
      I think I love you
      So what am I so afraid of?
      I’m afraid that I’m not sure of
      A love there is no cure for
      I think I love you
      Isn’t that what life is made of?
      Though it worries me to say
      I’ve never felt this way

  2. Hoping the sky does not fall today. I was up all night with a sick kid so far the day is not so good.
    I think Mike up there is being a little hard on David Cassidy! I loved the Partridge family and wanted to grow up to be Susan Dey.
    Pigeon toed–in the morning? Before coffee. Cruel!

  3. My brother had a crush on Susan Dey. I was much more of a dead head. David did nothing for me. In case you were wondering.
    One of my favorite authors is Clancy and I enjoy Turow as well.
    Have a great I love you sort of day!

  4. Did you know David Cassidy was my first boyfriend? Well, he was. I had lots of pictures of him taped to my bedroom walls and all his records. He was soooo dreamy.

    The sky was gorgeous here today.

    Hugs, Diane

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