Mom, I’m a blogger!


Playing dress-up at Mimi's

I sent this to my mother (DM) by e-mail

and then our e-mail conversation went like this….

What’s this about?

Its just a joke. Did you read it?
DD (dear daughter)

DM: I couldn’t read it, it didn’t come through.

Shoot. It was funny–Just a picture….wait Mom nothing is suppose to come through. Can you see the bar? The picture? The words under it?

All it said was the page you are looking for can not be found.

I called my mother.

Kb: Mom. Read me the e-mail I sent you.

M: Let me find it but it would not load.

Kb: I know. Just find it and read it to me.

Mom looks for e-mail. Finds it. Reminds me again that it isn’t loading and reads….

“Installing Spring. Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error. Season not found. (pause)….OHHHHH.

I am now laughing so hard. . .I can barely hear her say….

Katybeth DO NOT BLOG this….

Mom, remember the trail mix?

Odd Loves Company.

* Thank you Brian Chambers for the message that was the inspiration behind this post.

20 thoughts on “Mom, I’m a blogger!

  1. My daughter is the ultimate brat!!!
    I didn’t get her goofy email because it’s 74 degrees here and we call it Spring!!!!

  2. Well Marcie – it was 80 yesterday and 60 today – it’s most definately Spring in Maryland. That being said – I “got” the email the first time I read it, and it made me laugh out loud. Hope that helps – just saying!

  3. I can not believe you people are siding with my evil daughter! I think I drowned the wrong child!!! Let me ask you this, would your Mother drive 1200 miles to baby sit your dogs while you went on vacation?????

  4. Um, as much as I hate to admit it…I thought something was wrong with the link too until I read the entire post…duh! I love the fact that your mom commented that you were the ultimate brat…sounds like something I would do…LOL. Hugs, Diane

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