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My teen informed me that the fridge was bare and insisted he was hungry. Feeling a tad guilty,  I agreed to take him to Potbellies for lunch and then go grocery shopping.

At Potbellies, I stayed in the car because we had pups with us, and it was a little warm; Cole went in to order. I asked for a chicken/cheddar melt and a chocolate shake. When Cole returned to the car, he handed me a Coke and insisted that I never said I wanted a chocolate shake. Of course I didn’t . . . I only imagined that I asked for a small chocolate shake with a little cookie on the straw. My sandwich was tasty, but the first thing I noticed was it had bacon. I asked about the bacon, and Cole told me it was an add-on that he thought I would enjoy, as were the mushrooms, and the whole wheat bread looked better than the regular bread they usually put it on. My sandwich was nothing like what I expected nor was it like the last chicken/cheddar melt I had ordered at Potbellies — but it wasn’t bad. He also brought me a large chocolate cookie, which he said I had asked for. I could have said no, I didn’t; but I didn’t.

Next on our list was the grocery store. You’re fascinated right? Ok, I’ll make this part short.

Cole insisted that I let him push the cart; however, when I needed to put anything in it, the cart was never anywhere to be seen. So I walked through the store laden with paper towels, Windex, and toilet paper until Cole rounded a corner, stopping inches in front of me, and seemed surprised to see me. Well, it’s true it had been awhile. I dumped the stuff in the cart and longed for the days when I could stuff him in the cart and hand him my car keys to gnaw on. We bought our groceries; I groaned at the bill; and we headed to the car. Cole uses the cart like a skateboard, and it almost tipped over, sending all of our groceries flying to the ground. But it didn’t.

On the way home, Cole yelled out, “Mom, look, a rooster!”

And sure enough, there was a rooster trotting alongside the road. Well, truthfully, he looked a little parched and thirsty, so I pulled over, and we hopped out of the car. I don’t have a great record when it comes to birds: Most birds hate me. I have no idea why — but they do. So I approached the rooster and tried to coax it to me. When that didn’t work, I suggested to Cole that he try to grab it, but he declined (Cole doesn’t like anything that has a claw foot or that might poop on him.) Sheesh . . . kids! We took a few rooster pictures, and not knowing what else to do, we left the rooster and came home.

Once home, I learned on Facebook, and from my mom, that roosters don’t usually bite and are pretty docile. So I grabbed some crackers and a bowl of water and went back to see if I could capture the rooster. What was I going to do with a rooster you might wonder. Well, rest assured, I was not going off half-cocked — I had a plan. I would nab the rooster, put him in the crate in my car, take him home, and find him a good home on a farm with plenty of chicks to chase. However, when I returned, he was gone. I hope someone rescued him or found him if he had flown the coup. There were no rooster feathers floating around, so I have no reason not to believe that all is well with Mr. Rooster.

In honor of Spumoni Day, Emily and I dished up some spumoni ice cream. We both had hoped to celebrate with “real spumoni,” but kids and a rooster got in our way, and we had to make do.

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15 thoughts on “Teens, Grocery Shoping, Roosters

  1. Are you sure you weren’t shopping with Carter? And what’s with the cart/skateboard fascination? I do have to admit they have never run into anything or anyone, but it still makes me nervous. I make sure Carter and Gordon have their cell phones when we go shopping, since they always seem to wander off…

    • So sorry I missed all these comments. I know they never hit anyone but there are sure a lot of near misses and dirty looks!

  2. Would have been interesting to see how your dogs reacted. Aren’t you glad you did the right thing but didn’t actually have to find the rooster a good home?

    Cole and you are so funny.

  3. Parents with older kids always forget what it was like back then and how everything takes so much longer. Roosters are neat but I’m pretty sure I could not just snatch one up!

    • Obviously we fail at snatching too. True, I have no desire to return to car seats! And Cole always dropped my keys….

  4. Rooster finally makes it to the city and you want to grab him and send him back to the farm. A guy doesn’t stand a chance with you )

  5. I’m with Ben. That rooster probably went through hell getting to the city. He finally makes it and some do-gooder wants to take him back to the country. Gosh Katybeth, I’d of thought you’d understand that, remember Roswell????

  6. Thinking your life is much more interesting than mine. Even at the grocery store. Hey! Why DOES a rooster cross the road?

  7. Katybeth, Chris and I saw you and Cole out chasing the Rooster on our way home from work that day. We pulled up to that stop sign and there you were. Chris tried to say hello out the window but you were very involved. 🙂

    Also, I grew up around chickens and roosters and while they don’t bite they will peck you pretty darn hard if they are mad enough!

    • I’m sorry (better late than never) I missed this comment and your knowledge. Yes, we were very involved. I would imagine a rooster could nail you pretty darn hard.

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