El Morno Coffee Break

El Morno Coffee Break is just a few more of my random thoughts on todays Odd holidays. Please feel free to add your Odd thoughts along with mine. Great Odd Random thoughts that stick together could change the world!

My dad is a bird watcher. I remember when I was a dumb little kid and my mom told me he was going to an Audubon meeting I wondered why he had a sudden interest in cars. Much of my childhood was spent traveling around the country trying to find elusive chickens and ruby spotted winged zingers. I think it was during those years of car travel that I developed my love for reading. I saw my first eagle in Alaska last summer. Now I’m addicted to the Eagle Raptor Project. Those baby eagles have grown soooo big so fast! When I asked my dad why he never pointed eagles out to me when I was growing up, he mentioned something about an addiction to Nancy Drew books. As I thought back on being a bird watchers daughter . . . I immediately thought BLOG POST. Stay tuned!

Joe’s dad was a Chicago Fire Chief. Before I met Joe’s dad, I had never known a fireman, so I was pretty impressed. He kept me amused with stories from his firehouse days, and I think I amused him with my willingness to believe most of what he told me. One afternoon, while visiting, he mentioned that his lady friend was at a volunteer fire department meeting. I expressed how impressed I was that she was a volunteer fire fighter. He went on and on about how well she drove the fire truck and handled the fire hose—I bought every word he said . . . . That night I expressed to Joe how amazing it was that his dad’s lady friend was a firefighter and did he know that she could handle a ladder as well as men half her age. Joe starred at me with a quizzical look on his face and then started laughing hard. He finally managed to stop laughing long enough to tell me . . . his dad’s lady friend was on the volunteer fire house board of directors. OK. FINE.

Candied Orange Peels. Yum! I like anything boiled and candied in sugar water . . . I think I might be part hummingbird. I drink my orange juice every day—without pulp. Why is pulp even an option? If leaving pulp in orange juice was a good idea, strainers would not have been invented.

So . . . what about you? Care to share any bird stories or stories about firemen? Do you like orange peels? I am all ears. Odd loves company.


4 thoughts on “El Morno Coffee Break

  1. I have a bird story on today’s blog.

    But… I thought you needed to read this, from Garrison Keillor’s Writer Alamanac today:

    Finally, today is Star Wars Day. According to the online resource Wookieepedia, it is typically celebrated by sci-fi fans the world over with parties, movie marathons, Star Wars-themed toys, the occasional light-saber duel, and movie-quote exchanges on Twitter. You could also celebrate by reading one of the many Star Wars-related novels, playing a video game, or gazing at your collection of action figures in their original packaging. “It’s nice that this particular date seems to observe and celebrate the power of the Force, and we’re thrilled that Star Wars fans continue to find new ways to connect with a galaxy far, far away,” said a Lucas Films spokesperson.

    Despite the fervor of some of its fans, Star Wars Day is not a religious holiday yet, although the Church of Jediism is lobbying hard. The City of Los Angeles prefers to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 25, the anniversary of the film’s release, but as for the rest of us … May the Fourth be with you.

    • Oh no–this was no where to be found…such an auspicious occasion!!! But even if I had known how could I have let it take center stage over firemen??? The trauma the drama. I know WE will celebrate on the 24th just like Hollywood!!

      Off to read a bird post!!

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