Kentucky Derby–Place Your Bets!

Kentucky Derby

Update; Betting is closed. The final Pot: $200.00. View the comments for Hat entries–that will remain open. A Blind drawing will be held at the end of the race for the best hat prize.


If I am shot and thrown into the Chicago River for over-stepping the Chicago bookie boundaries, leaving Cole a lonely orphan, I can only say thank you to my Facebook friends for pushing me towards my dream of becoming an “almost amateur” bookie.

The last time I put on my bookie hat was for the Oscars.

I declined involvement in the NCAA tournaments because those little brackets scared the crap out of me. However, with a little help from my friends, I think I can handle the Derby. This little bit of help would include telling me just about everything that I need to know. The only thing that Katybeth knows about horse racing is how to place a bet. Wait – I grew up owning and riding a horse, and I have also seen the movie Sea Biscuit. I am better qualified than I thought!

So, on that note:

The Kentucky Derby is similar to the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tournament; even casual fans and people who otherwise don’t follow horse racing want to bet on it. “Odd” wants to give you a chance to get in on a little of the action by hosting a Kentucky Derby pool: a $10.00 blind draw.

Place your Wager–right here!


The 137th Kentucky Derby takes place on May 7th, and the race will run sometime between 5-7 p.m.

Each pick is $10.00. I will send you a Paypal invoice or you can mail me a check.

The names of each bidder will be written on small pieces of paper and thrown into a hat.

The names of each of the horses will be written on a piece of paper and thrown into a hat.

Cole will then draw a bidder’s name, followed by a horse.

If there are more horses than there are bidders, we will write “Southern Relief” on extra tickets. If one of these tickets wins, the money will be sent to the Southern Relief fund.

The pay-out win, place, and show are at 60%, 30%, and 10%.

Hats are a major component of Derby attire, and “Odd” will reward a prize for the best Derby hat. The prize is a new Kodak (I think) digital camera. Please send your virtual  hat pictures to me; my contact information can be found on the “Odd” home page sidebar, under “Connect with me.” Pictures will be posted in the comment section of this post. A blind drawing will be held at the end of the day for the best hat submission.

While The Kentucky Derby may no longer be the biggest event of the year for serious horse racing enthusiasts⎯it has been surpassed in this regard by the Breeders’ Cup⎯it remains the most significant and popular horse race for casual fans and the mainstream public. I think that this qualifies all of us to place a $10.00 wager. If you agree, then⎯to quote our Facebook friend, Nancy⎯“Giddy up, step right up and place those bets!”


1 Archarcharch Jon Court Jinks Fires 10-1
2 Brilliant Speed Joel Rosario Tom Albertrani 30-1
3 Twice the Appeal Calvin Borel Jeff Bonde 20-1
4 Stay Thirsty Ramon Dominguez Todd Pletcher 20-1
5 Decisive Moment Kerwin Clark Juan Arias 30-1
6 Comma to the Top Patrick Valenzuela Peter Miller 30-1
7 Pants on Fire Rosie Napravnik Kelly Breen 20-1
8 Dialed In Julien Leparoux Nick Zito 4-1
9 Derby Kitten Javier Castellano Mike Maker 30-1
10 Twinspired Mike Smith Mike Maker 30-1
11 Master of Hounds Garrett Gomez Aidan O’Brien 30-1
12 Santiva Shaun Bridgmohan Eddie Kenneally 30-1
13 Mucho Macho Man Rajiv Maragh Kathy Ritvo 12-1
14 Shackleford Jesus Castanon Dale Romans 12-1
15 Midnight Interlude Victor Espinoza Bob Baffert 10-1
16 Animal Kingdom Robby Albarado Graham Motion 30-1
17 Soldat Alan Garcia Kiaran McLaughlin 12-1
19 Nehro Corey Nakatani Steve Asmussen 6-1
20 Watch Me Go Rafael Bejarano Kathleen O’Connell 50-1


# 18: Uncle Moe scratched.

Thank you Bob Dunlap and Jim Leahy for technical assistance.

And we are off.

Step right up!



25 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby–Place Your Bets!

  1. This hat is going to bring me luck! I know it! Its all in the tilt. A hat needs the right angle. If your hat has the right are going to be just fine.

    Horse: Santiva

  2. Purse’s are more my thing…I’m not really a hat kind of gal..but this hat might be the real me.

    Horse: Pants on Fire

  3. My name is Bob…and I am winner! My horse will be out the gate like a shot and over the finish line first–because I am a winner.

    Horse: Watch Me Go

  4. Here is my beautiful hat! I know you like my hat best because why wouldn’t you? You do like my hat best don’t you?

    Horse: Soldat

    Giddy Up!

  5. May I present…my Derby? It not a classic derby, I know this but I really do feel like this derby looks better on most men–especially me.

    Horse: Derby Kitten
    Hat wins 3rd place: Flying Monkey

  6. What is better than a sunflower hat for derby day? Wide brim to shield a delicate southern belle from both sun and rain!

    Horse: Animal Kingdom WINNER: Won $120.00

    To the finish line!!

  7. My hat is just right. Most people don’t realize how important the side flowers and netting are on a hat–But I get it!

    Horse: Dialed In

  8. I had another hat…but then I ran outside to get the mail and when I came back inside–I was gone a little longer than I expected because the neighbor kids needed help getting their kite out of the tree…and Mrs. Moore wanted to ask me about her daughters new baby and when I got back into the house–my little white dog was trying my hat on and well never mind…Do you like this hat?

    Horse: Twice the Appeal

  9. My favourite colour, pink and I like how this hat adds just the right amount of height to my petite stature…with heels–I am going to be more smashing than Teresa. I do hope you planned gluten free snacks for this gala but if you didn’t I did bring along some rice cakes in my purse.

    Horse: Comma to the Top

  10. I have the name for hats! When your name is Ginger you can make any hat look good.

    Horse: Shackleford

  11. First I prayed for guidance in finding exactly the right hat and as usual my faith did not let me down. Not only do I have the best hat at this event…MY hat is heaven sent. My horse will win.

    Horse: Midnight Interlude
    Hat wins 2nd place: Chico Reusable bag

  12. I feel so pretty! This hat is not only beautiful but it fits to perfection. While the rest of you are struggling to keep your hats in place…my hat will stay firmly on my head when I jump up to cheer my horse across the finish line. FIRST. And when I leave this event on my racing bike I will still look good.

    Horse: Twin Speed
    Hat wins 1st place: Kodak EasyShare

  13. I feel so handsome! Its not just about the hat. It is also about an inner confidence. A man must wear his hat like a man. I wear this hat like a man.

    Horse: Archarcharch

  14. The color, the feeling, the energy of this hat is just amazing. It feels like a deep breath of fresh air. My horse will win.

    Horse: Brilliant Speed

  15. Good luck to all that bet on the Derby, however, I’ll be the winner either way, you did see my hat, didn’t you?

  16. I love that the Derby spirit has sent you into bookie mode! We too have our betting window open on our tablet… I love Derby!

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