Rapture or Coincidence? Your Call….

Starbucks in Melbourne, Australia. The Starbucks has not been touched!

Did you wondered where El Morno was this morning? Did you worry? Just a little?  I did check in on Facebook with an abbreviated El Morno but until now I have not been able to update Odd. Cole and I went undercover…traveling far and wide! Really!

Yesterday was the end of the world. Today, everything seems fine…for most of us.

However, Cole and I decided we needed to investigate fully, so we gathered our camera gear, and nerves of steel, and bravely went out into the world to see what we could see…

…and what did we see, you wonder?

Well, it would be less than scientific of us to suggest anything from the following pictures….I mean, who really knows? Not me…not Cole….

However, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so we will leave you to form your own conclusions.  * Thank you They Call Me Jane’s Blog for the inspiration behind this post!!

Lakewood alley…Chicago, Il

Along the banks of… Geneva Il

Melbourne, FLorida

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Porter, Indiana

Southern New Brunswick, Canada. Raptured or dropped dead?


Charlotte, North Carolina.

Concord, California

North Caroline, Chuck E. Cheese.


S. Carpenter, Chief  Of Rapture Investigations in El Paso, Texas just sent me this picture!! Texans have always known that God loves the Cowboys best!!


So what do YOU THINK????






16 thoughts on “Rapture or Coincidence? Your Call….

  1. Wow, who left their Starbucks untouched in Melbourne, Australia? That was a bit mean of Jesus not to let them take it up with them. I’m guessing there’s no Starbucks up there.
    Clever work, Katybeth!

  2. Dang it, I was so sure I was part of the choosen one. So ready to dip in the pool of honey with my 72 virgin. 🙂 Oh well….
    Btw, cool pictures!!!

    • Sendie honey, I think something got lost in the translation…”Dip in the pool of honey with my 72 virgin?” I am certain when the time is real you will be at the top of the list!

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