Taking the Lid off the Sun

Taking the Lid off the Sun is a blog written by my friend, Alexis Ahrens: a passionate educator, compassionate teacher, and mother of a little boy who both delights and challenges his mother.

This year, Alexis went back to teaching full-time at an alternative school. Her blog posts provide us with a glimpse into her classroom where she demonstrates how her students use their enthusiasm and initiative to guide her teaching.

Alexis also challenges the current educational system that is broken in more than financial ways.

The post Alexis just wrote is one of my favorites, and I’m inviting you to click on the link.


Love’s Place in the Classroom by Alexis:

It’s strange that the topic of love isn’t discussed more when determining what makes a classroom successful. People tend to discuss academic philosophies, classroom management, curriculum, and maybe even the physical environment, but they don’t talk about love.

I say that love is central; it trumps all other aspects that we could possibly consider…. click to read more


I hope you pay Alexis a visit…I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Wow, Katybeth… Thank you so much, my dear friend. I’m honored. Loved your comment, by the way. That story of Cole’s early childhood teacher is so powerful.

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