June 5, 2011: Gingerbread Day and Cancer Survivors

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June 5th, 2011

★~Today’s Quote: Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. Bill Moyers

★~ National Gingerbread Day:

Gingerbread! It can’t be Christmas already! Where did the time go? I haven’t even shopped! Oh wait, it’s only June 5th. Why are we talking about gingerbread?  When we typically think of the holidays, we imagine decorated gingerbread men cookies and gingerbread houses. However, gingerbread is delicious throughout the year! Today is the perfect day to try gingerbread pancakes, snack on ginger bread cookies, whip up a delicious gingerbread cake or enjoy a gingerbread martini during cocktail hour.

★~ National Cancer Survivors Day:

America’s 12 million cancer survivors and their family and friends will celebrate life, joy and hope, camaraderie and faith, and triumph over adversity, some of them have been recovering well thanks to Home Care Assistance. They will also carry in their hearts and celebrate the lives of their family members and friends that are not with them to celebrate this year.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1959 – Bob Zimmerman graduated from high school in Hibbing, MN. Zimmerman was known as a greaser to classmates in the remote rural community, because of his long sideburns and leather jacket. Soon, Zimmerman would be performing at coffee houses at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and later, in Greenwich Village in New York City. He would also change his name to Bob Dylan (after poet Dylan Thomas, so the story goes).

♥~ 1960 – The Hollywood Argyles, a fake group created by singer Gary Paxton, entered the Billboard Hot 100 with “Alley Oop.” Paxton had acquired the song from Burbank service station attendant Dallas Frazier. The Argyles included Frazier and fellow gas station worker Buddy Mize. Singer Sandy Nelson played the garbage can and did the screaming. When the song hit, Paxton sent a dozen groups on the road, all called The Hollywood Argyles.

♥~ 1993 – A New Jersey court ruled that a father had to pay for the legal defense of his two teenage sons, who were charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill him.

♥~ 1977 – Singer Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor was bitten by a live rat it was being fed for breakfast. The snake died.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1895 – William Boyd actor; Boyd went to Hollywood in 1919 and got a job as a film extra. In 1935 he got the role of Hopalong Cassidy in a series of popular Westerns. He made 66 of these films between 1935 and 1948.

♥~ 1919 – Richard Scarry author & illustrator: children’s books: Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, Richard Scarry’s Please & Thank You; died Apr 30, 1994

♥~ 1934 – Bill Moyers Emmy Award-winning journalist: CBS News, PBS: Bill Moyers Journal; author: Healing and the Mind

★~ Did You Know:

~ The ginger plant originated in southeast Asia.

~ In Medieval England, gingerbread simply meant “preserved ginger” and evolved form the Old French “gingebras” which came from “zingebar” the Latin name of the spice.

~ In Medieval Europe, ginger was the second most highly traded spice after pepper.

~ The English brought ginger to the American colonies early on. Ginger cookies were handed out to persuade Virginia voters to elect certain candidates for the House of Burgesses.

~ During the 19th century, gingerbread was modernized and romanticized when with the Grimm brothers, fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel.

~ English village women used to eat gingerbread husbands at fairs to ensure that they would meet and marry their true loves.

★~ Today’s Silly:

A country preacher decided to skip services one Sunday to spend the day hiking in the wilderness. Rounding a sharp bend in the trail, he collided with a bear and was sent tumbling down a steep grade. He landed on a rock and broke both legs.

With the ferocious bear charging at him from a distance, the preacher prayed, “O Lord, I’m so sorry for skipping services today. Please forgive me and grant me just one wish—make a Christian out of that bear that’s coming at me!”

At that very instant, the bear skidded to a halt, fell to his knees, clasped his paws together, and began to pray aloud at the preacher’s feet: “Dear God, please bless this food I am about to receive.”


Hope you have a super Sunday! If you have a chance drop me a comment and let me know what you are up to today. Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “June 5, 2011: Gingerbread Day and Cancer Survivors

  1. ‘Alley Oop’ I had not thought of them in years!! MMM–maybe there is a reason. Love the silly.

    Off to have breakfast with my parents and then to spend a lazy day. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Katybeth, I have been reading El Morno every day for a month and I just love your daily updates. Such fun. I have not commented before because I wasn’t sure how (old person-new to technology) but I think I figured it out with a little help from a friend.
    Gingerbread cake is good all year-I have the best recipe that I may have to dig out and make. Your sillies make my day.
    See you again soon,

  3. Gosh you scared me there for a minute since I have not even make my Christmas list. Gingerbread??
    That was sad about Alice’s boa constrictor, killed by a rat! 😯
    I am off to church and then on to a long lunch, nap, and a good book. Enjoy!

  4. So….. just goes to show ya, don’t mess with the rats. In my opinion, the snake deserved it. RAT=1, snake-0. And I am not a rat fan either. As for Ally OOP, had fun singing that song and it has been a long dry spell since I have heard it. Nice to bring back fun memories.
    I cleaned my house today and hung out towels to dry. The air is filled with the perfume of my peony bushes that are in full bloom. Must pick a bouquet and bring in to enjoy the smells in the house. Love it!

    • It is a fun song Carol! So you would root for the rat over the snake? Interesting.
      The peony bushes sound lovely!I have one bush that my mother-in-law planted many, many years ago—I never met her but when the bush blooms I feel like I have. I bet your towels smell great!

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