Celebrating: Letting Go, Pink, Pecan Sandies

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June 23rd, 2011

Today’s Quote: Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.– Ann Landers

★~ Let It Go Day:

Today, take a past grievance that you have been hanging onto, put it in a balloon, let it go, and watch it fly far, far away. It’s a tall order. Most of have a lot we need to let go of, but for today, just choose one thing, big or small, that is bugging you, and let go. Someone once told me that getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars; you have to let go at some point in order to move forward. I think this quote can be attributable to life.

★~ Pink Day:

Today you are in the Pink! Pink is a fabulous summer color!  Pink flip-flops, pink bows, pink shorts, shirts, or skirts – even a pink flower tucked behind your ear!  And pink is not just for girls!  Fashion savvy men know how to turn heads by rocking some pink. Did you know that before the 1940s, pink was actually assigned to boys because it was related to red, which was thought to be a masculine color? I might suggest that the guys skip the pink flip-flops, but a flower behind their ears could be kind of cute

★~ Pecan Sandie Day:

Once dubbed “sand tarts” for their appearance, pecan sandies are a nutty interpretation of the simple sugar cookie, differentiated only by the presence of chopped pecans. If you are whiny about nuts, then go ahead and have a simple sugar cookie today; Odd excludes no one. Celebrate by making some pecan sandies, or just stop by the store and pick up a special bag made by elves.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1868 – Christopher L. Sholes of Wisconsin patented his type-writer. A Mr. Remington later turned it into a more practical typewriter. Christopher’s version was a little cumbersome. It was about as big as a desk. And it didn’t have any correcting ribbon. The writer didn’t need any since the huge type-writer hid the paper inside itself so one couldn’t see any typos until after the fact … a lot like when you forget to use the spell-checker on your computer.

♥~ 1979 – Disco queen Donna Summer captured the #1 and #5 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with Hot Stuff and Bad Girls. In the following weeks the two singles jockied for #1, #2 and #3 at various times, as Summer became the first solo entertainer to hold two of the top three positions simultaneously. (Her Bad Girls double-album sold over four million copies in 1979.)

♥~ 1987 – The first celebrity cover girl to grace Cosmopolitan magazine since Elizabeth Taylor in 1969 was Madonna and she did it on this day

♥ ~ 1992 – Actress Susan Lucci of TV’s “All My Children” received a standing ovation at the Daytime Emmy Awards when she did not win an Emmy after being nominated for the 13th straight year

♥~ 2009 – The International Whaling Commission (IWC), meeting in Madeira, Portugal, reported that whale watching generates far more money than whale hunting. Worldwide, the industry generated about $2.1 billion per year, it says. And the group that commissioned the report, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), said whaling countries would gain from a switch to whale watching.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1927 – Bob (Robert Louis) Fosse Oscar Award-winning director: Cabaret [1972]; Tony Award-winning choreographer: Big Deal [1986], Dancin’ [1978], Sweet Charity [1966], Little Me [1963], Bob Fosse [1959], Damn Yankees [1956], The Pajama Game [1955]; director/choreographer: Pippin [1973]; Emmy Award-winning director: Singer Presents Liza with a ‘Z’ [1972-73]; autobiographical film: All That Jazz

♥~ 1929 – June Carter Cash Grammy Award-winning country singer [w/husband, Johnny Cash]: Jackson, If I were a Carpenter; songwriter: Ring of Fire

♥~ 1941 Robert Hunter lyricist: group: Grateful Dead: Truckin’, Touch of Grey, Workingman’s Dead, Skulls and Roses, American Beauty

★~ Did You Know:

♥ ~ The color pink is named after the flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus.

♥ ~ Pink is  “the color of love.” The use of the word for the color we know today as pink was first recorded in the late 17th century.

♥ ~ A study showed that the color pink has a subduing effect on those suffering emotional distress.

♥ ~ While red stirs up passion and action, studies have shown that large amounts of Pink can create a sense of physical fragility

♥ ~ Pink has been known to make the observer desire to handle things more gently. It is as if an aggressive personality becomes gracious and more tenderly romantic.

♥~ Why is bubble gum pink? The color of the first successful bubble gum was pink because it was the only color the inventor had left. The color “stuck” and today bubble gum is still predominantly pink.

♥~ Barbara Cartland, after a visit to Tutankhamen’s tomb, liked the pink walls she saw there so much she vowed to wear only pink the rest of her life.

♥~ In Japan, ‘blue’ films are called ‘pink’ movies.

♥~ Pink Dolphins live in the Amazon rain forrest.

★~ Today’s Giggle:

Ole was walking through the mountains of Norway on his way to visit Lena

and he was thinking more about the supper she had planned instead of were he was walking.  All of a sudden he slipped and slid over the edge of the cliff beside his mountain path.  About 20 feet down and with several hundred more feet to go, he frantically grabbed onto a bush that moved but held for the moment.

There he was, hanging by a bush above certain death and his hands began to perspire and tire almost immediately.  “Is anyone up there?” Ole hollered. “I’m here Ole.” Came the deep voice from above. “Who’s there? Can you help me?” Ole yelled back. The voice answered, “It’s the Lord Ole,  Let go and I will save you.” Ole looked down and he looked up and he looked at his slipping hands and he looked down again and he looked up again.

Finally he yelled back up the side of the cliff, “Is anyone else up there?”


8 thoughts on “Celebrating: Letting Go, Pink, Pecan Sandies

  1. First again! Yes! Love pink. And the ideas of letting the balloon go is “brilliant.”

    I am going to wear my pink shirt today and tickle everyone pink.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hey what about Pink FLoyd???

    Ok fine….I can let go of the fact that you forgot an all time great. Pecan Sandies are one of my favorite cookies. Great with coffee.

    Have a good one.

  3. Barbara Cartland writes great books but I did not know she was such a fan of pink. That is a little Odd.
    I like the letting go idea. I plan to take advantage of the day.

    Thanks. Love El Morno.

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