Musings: Feather Extensions and Spleens!


Let’s musse over a cuppa . . . do you take cream? Sugar? One lump or two?

Let me show you the new feather extension that I added to my hair.

Kim Pugliano (the G is silent) told me that if I got a feather extension, I’d remind her of this really annoying hairdresser at the salon she goes to, but I couldn’t resist. I hope Kim doesn’t find me too annoying because I like her, and she is hot on the trail of a Passat owner — you will have to read her blog to find out more.

Now, about my feather extension. I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t want to do anything permanent or expensive. I wanted something more than a new lipstick but less than Botox. So when I went to my neighborhood hair salon, and one of the stripper girls who frequents the salon was having many feather extensions added to her mane, I said that I wanted one of THOSE, and she smiled and said,” A feather extension would look so pretty in your hair.” I made an appointment for the next day. The two feather extensions cost less than $20 and took less than ten minutes to put in. My hair can be washed as usual, and the extensions can be taken off and moved around. They are very versatile. Yes, I felt a little silly at my more mature age adding a feather extension to my hair, but silly is fun.

Cole noticed the feathers immediately and offered his approval, but suggested I stop at two, so I don’t end up looking like a bald eagle. Did I ever tell you that Cole taught himself to French braid when he was 10 by watching YouTube. He overheard my mom (his grandmarcie) mention, in one of the many hair discussions we have on visits, that she had never learned to French braid, and that was all the motivation Cole needed. I had high hopes that he would want to pursue a career in hair, but much to my disappointment, these days he is quicker to offer an opinion about my hair than he is to offer to braid it. However, I don’t think he will let it become a tangled mess when I’m in the old age home, and that is comforting.

My mother told me before they left Albuquerque that she does not have a spleen.

Here have a jelly donut while I tell you all the fascinating details!

The doctors took a good, long look for my mom’s spleen, believing she once had one, but POOF — they have discovered, beyond reasonable doubt, that it is gone. I didn’t think that having or not having a spleen was a big deal, but not having a spleen is a very big deal and can seriously compromise your immune system, which is good to know, but I am more interested in where the heck her spleen went? And of course, I can’t help but wonder if I have one? I mean who steals a spleen? Is there a black market run on spleens, and when exactly did she lose it? Inquiring minds want to know — we will have to discuss it more over the cocktail hour when she arrives on Thursday. I will keep you updated . . .

The carpets have been cleaned, the windows have been washed, and the extra rolls of toilet paper have been purchased . . . I think we’re almost ready for the road warriors to arrive. Cole wonders what all the fuss is about — sheesh! Are all guys born with the “what is all the fuss about your mother coming to visit” gene? I put milk bones in the guest room for Trinket (my mom’s Doberman) and Catcher (my mom’s friend’s Border collie), and moved a few crates around; and now Rascal can barely contain her Jack Russell curiosity. She knows something is up and, as always, she is up for something.

Hope you have a day filled with delightfully bad choices that include jelly donuts and long chats with best friends. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you must have missed El Morno this morno, so please click here.

Leave me a comment if you are so inclined; we can talk about feather extensions, spleens, moms who visit . . . Odd Loves Company!

17 thoughts on “Musings: Feather Extensions and Spleens!

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  2. I love it when I know friends and family are coming over for a visit. It sends me into a tizzy and it’s probably the best clean that my house gets all year. Oh, and I have my cuppa white with one sugar. Those cups and saucers are perfect, nothing but fine china for my tea. Mugs spoil the taste, it’s true. Try drinking wine out of a drinking glass, it’s just not the same.

  3. No spleen? Stolen spleen. It does make you wonder…
    I’m a guy and have no idea about feather hair things but I guess it would be prudent to say, “looks great!”


  4. My daughter the hairstylist just wrote an article on feather extensions. They are all the rage and very hip! I’ll bet your feather locks look great! It’s what all the cool kids and moms are doing…I may be next! Glad you’re letting your inner hipster come out and play.

  5. Well you’ve answered one question, I’ve seen the feather thing at my hairdresser and wondered…what the heck? But it is pretty.

    and you’ve brought up more questions. Like how does a spleen disappear? And why? And what are the consequences? Hope your Mom is OK!

    Enjoy her visit! I always used to get so excited when my parents were coming for a visit..fresh flowers in the room etc…they didn’t have a dog, so no fresh dog biscuits…but still …it was fun. Have a great time together!

    • Love my feather. It makes me feel festive and a little silly.
      I think my mom’s spleen has been gone a long time–but the doctors just noticed. It may be why every time she is sick it tends to be more dramatic for her. She was in intensive care for two weeks from gal bladder surgery for example. Not having a spleen compromises your immune system. Knowing you don’t have a spleen allows you to take take certain precautions.
      I am enjoying my mom’s visit. Thanks!

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  7. First of all, I forgive you for that DAMNED FEATHER, first of all because it blends very nicely with the colors in your hair if I must be honest, and secondly because you referenced me in your blog and for that alone I. LOVE. YOU.

    Regarding the spleen, I find this very very curious and I’m tempted to make the trip out there to investigate the circumstances. I have two qualifiers: 1. As you know, I have EXCELLENT investigative skills, and, 2. I’m a medical transcriptionist so I know ALL KINDS of medical terminology.

    That qualifies me, right?

    Carry on, (oh god, I just caught myself. I almost said Carry one, and that would make no sense whatsoever and you might unfriend me or unsubscribe or whatever. GOOD CATCH KIMBERLY!)

    • I am very sure my mother would appreciate any and all thoughts you might have on her missing spleen. You are overqualified to comment on the subject.
      The Queen of jumbled comments, misplaced coma’s, whimsical capitalization, the blogger who once had a person reprimanded her for misspelling a word in a comment on her blog….would hardly notice on for one! So fear not! However, Good Catch!

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