Celebrating: Truth Day and Strawberry Sundaes

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~
July 7th

★~ Today’s Quote: “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”  Albert Einstein

★~ Tell the Truth Day:

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, honesty is the best policy, once you practice to deceive what an ugly web you weave, truth is stranger than fiction, don’t you lie to me, I just want to find out the truth, in the end the truth will come out, the truth will set you free, life is so much simpler when you just tell the truth, truth fears no trial…

Today we are all challenged to go one whole day without telling a lie or saying anything misleading or dishonest to others.

However, remember what your mom always said: if you can’t say something nice, it’s better not to say anything at all; think before you open your mouth; what you don’t know won’t hurt you; and, to quote my own mom, “the truth can be overrated.”

★~ Strawberry Sundae: 

Plump strawberries and strawberry ice cream bring to mind the pure pleasure of a decadent treat; fresh, fruity and with ice cream, too. Strawberry sundaes are made with ice cream topped with whipped cream, and a strawberry to finish. Or maybe you would prefer strawberry ice cream served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzled on top. The strawberry sundae is a classic dessert that has something for everyone – enjoy one today!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1950 – Jack Walsh had a lot of weight on his shoulders. Walsh from Trenton, NJ set a world weightlifting record of 4,235 pounds! (Like lifting two medium-sized cars). He beat the record that was set in 1905 when a weightlifter hoisted 4,140 pounds on his back. Weighty issues, indeed.

♥~ 1961James R. Hoffa was reelected president of the Teamsters labor union — by acclamation.

♥~ 1990 – The world’s three most famous tenors – Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras – performed their first concert together. The performance, in Rome on the eve of the World Cup soccer final, earned millions of dollars for charity. An album of the event, Carreras Domingo Pavarotti – in Concert, was a surprise hit on the pop charts, and eventually became the best-selling classical album of all-time

♥~ 2007 – The new seven wonders of the world (as picked in a global poll organized by the private New7Wonders Foundation): The Great Wall of China, Rome’s Colosseum, India’s Taj Mahal, Peru’s Macchu Picchu, Jordan’s Petra, Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid.

★~Born Today:

♥ ~ 1906 – Satchel Paige Baseball Hall of Famer: pitcher: Cleveland Indians [World Series: 1948], St. Louis Browns [all-star: 1953], KC Athletics; legend in Negro leagues, thrilling fans with his famous ‘hesitation pitch’; died June 8, 1982

♥~ 1927 – Doc (Carl) Severinsen trumpeter, bandleader: The Tonight Show Band, The Doc Severinsen Band; played with Charlie Barnet and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras; owner: trumpet factory

♥~ 1940 – Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) drummer: group: The Beatles; singer: It Don’t Come Easy, Photograph, You’re Sixteen; actor: Candy, The Magic Christian, Blindman, Caveman, Give My Regards to Broad Street; married to actress, Barbara Bach

♥~ 1949 – Shelley Duvall actress: Popeye, Nashville, Roxanne, Brewster McCloud, The Shining, Annie Hall, McCabe and Mrs. Miller

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~  In 1985, the biggest Ice Cream sundae was made in California. It stood 12ft tall and was made with 4,667 gallons of ice Cream

♥~  In 1988, the largest ice cream sundae weighed 54,914 pounds. It was made by Palm Daries Ltd. in Alberta, Canada in 1988.

♥~ The most common types of sundae are chocolate caramel, butterscotch or strawberry.

♥~  Chocolate syrup is the most popular sundae topping!

♥~ The worlds most expensive sundae cost $25,000 and set a Guinness world record for the most expensive dessert. “Frrozen Haute Chocolate,” a blend of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the most expensive and exotic from around the globe.

The dessert, spelled with two Rs, is infused with  0.2 ounces of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet lined with edible gold. At the base of the goblet is an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds.

The sundae is topped with whipped cream covered with more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for $2,600 a pound.

It is eaten with a gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate-colored diamonds, which can also be taken home.

★~ Today’s Giggle: 

You seem to be in some distress,’ said the kindly judge to the witness. `Is anything the matter?’

`Well, your Honour,’ said the witness, `I swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but every time I try, some lawyer objects.’


Cole and I will head downtown today and enjoy sundaes at Ghirardelli’s.  My goal is to try and eat the food of the day, everyday. Tough work but for the sake of my Odd blog -I will try to eat, enjoy, and post a picture. If you would like to join me–I would love to post your pictures along with mine.

Off to do God’s work…or something like that…Hope you have a terrific Thursday! Leave a comment if you have a morno moment–Odd Loves Company!


15 thoughts on “Celebrating: Truth Day and Strawberry Sundaes

  1. I showed up on El Morno on the right day–my friend passed along your link and she was right..what a great way to start the morning especially when it’s Strawberry Sundae!

    Nice to meet you and I will be back often.

  2. I have been to Truth or Consequence. Truthfully..well never mind I have nothing nice to say so I am saying nothing at all.

    Strawberry sundaes cool treat for a hot day.

    Have a good one.

  3. Truthfully– I am not crazy about Strawberry anything so I think I am just going to celebrate the sundae part of the day.
    The Three Tenors are wonderful!

    Have a great day.

  4. Again, I was late! I should’ve check your blog in the morning! I did have a sundae after lunch but it’s chocalate caramel… well… there’s always that afternoon snack.. hmm… 🙂

  5. Hmmm, well I didn’t have a strawberry sunday today but I did eat fried chicken yesterday.
    I hope your lunch and your dessert were fine enough!

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